Ep 149: Why Buy A Profitable Online Business Instead Of Staring One with Ryan Condie [Part 1]

Imagine if you could skip forward 3-5 years in your online business journey, just from buying a profitable online business.

Instead of spending a whole lot of time, money, effort and energy just trying to start an online business and still run the risk of it failing. You see 90% of all startups fail and Ryan Condie shares why this happens in this podcast episode.

He also shares what mistakes he has made when buying online businesses and how he has been able to speed up his wealth creation immensely by following the right steps of acquiring businesses and then growing them. Rather than starting at ground zero.

If you want to buy a profitable online business and skip the 90% failure rate this podcast is for you!

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Episode Highlights

0:00 – What you’ll learn in this episode
03:07 Welcome Ryan 
04:10 Ryan Story Condie’s story on starting out in the online business space
06:00 Buying Business VS Starting From Scratch  and which is better
08:51 Which idea is going to work in your startup
13:57 Buying multiple businesses and how it should be done
15:13 Jaryd’s philosophy when buying website businesses 
17:19 Buying a business is a transaction, how to not get emotional 
19:08 Ryan asks Jaryd what to do with a business he is looking to buy
24:40 Never buy a business based on opportunity alone
24:34 Jaryd is not a turn around guy, and why he doesn’t like that method
27:39 Ryan’s advice to first time business buyers. 


About The Guest

Ryan Condie focuses on acquiring, growing and holding online businesses for the long term. He has started 8 businesses where 6 failed and 2 succeeded. He has also bought 4 businesses and continues to grow these businesses whilst working as an M&A advisor at QuietLight Brokerage. 

Resource Links:

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