Ep 151: Buying & Growing Niche Websites That Make Money With Carl Broadbent

It is ever popular to start niche websites from scratch, although starting a business is extremely hard.

Which is why Carl Broadbent and I like to buy niche websites and then grow them. Here Carl and I discuss the ins and outs of growing a niche website so you can replace your income too.

Click the play button above on the video and take plenty of notes, this will be a game changer if you’re just learning to make passive income online.

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Episode Highlights

00:00 What you’ll learn in this episode
02:07 AD
03:26 Welcome!
04:19 Why Passive Income?
07:34 How Did You Balance Full Time Job With Building A Website?
08:51 Risking Is Tough
10:14 Mistakes In Business 
13:32 It Takes Time To Get Good At Something
16:11 How Do You Know What Content Is Not Ranking Well?
18:27 How Often Do You Update Your Content?
19:52 How To Update Content?
21:23 Ranking For The Wrong Keyword
23:08 What Is Content Cannibalization?
25:28 AD
26:32 AI For Content Creation
31:23 How To Build Community?
34:28 Touch People With Your Content
38:51 Would You Ever Buy A Website?
40:46 Flipping Websites Takes Time
42:04 Upcoming Event
46:05 Where Can You Find Carl?
47:25 Thanks For Watching!
47:53 End Screen


Guest Carl Broadbent

About The Guest

Carl Broadbent went from working a regular job to building a portfolio of niche websites making him over $11K per month and continues to build his portfolio. And he builds and sells websites to the public as well. 


Resource Links:

➥ Buying Online Businesses Website (https://buyingonlinebusinesses.com

➥ Download the Due Diligence Framework (https://buyingonlinebusinesses.com/freeresources/)

➥ Visit Niche Website Builders and get EXCLUSIVE OFFERS as a BOB listener (https://www.nichewebsite.builders/bob/)

➥ Check out Odys’ great deals (http://odys.global/)


Connect with Carl Broadbent:




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