Ep 152: How Google A.I Is Wasting Your PPC Ad Budget with Frederick Vallaeys

Imagine Google spending your ppc ad budget on campaigns that are not making you any sales or revenue.

This happens all of the time and Frederick Vallaeys and I talk about how and why Google A.I is spending our ad budget and blowing it up the wall. We also discuss what you can do about it and how to take more control back with your digital marketing.

This is a fascinating conversion that if you own an online business or are going to, must listen too!

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Episode Highlights

00:00 What you’ll learn in this episode
03:05 How Was Frederick Working With Google?
07:17 PPC Ads For Lead Generation
09:25 Google’s Advertising Limitations You Should Know About
10:54 Why You Should Advertise In The Right Place!
14:42 How To Optimize Ads For Better ROI
19:07 How A.I  Is Changing Digital Marketing
25:04 What Is PPC Doctor?
27:59 What Is PPC Pilot?
30:37 Google And A.I Is Evolving And What Else We Should Prepared For?
35:41 Frederick’s New Book & How To Get It


Frederick Vallaeys Guest

About The Guest

Frederick (Fred) Vallaeys is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing. One of Google’s first 500 employees, he helped pioneer PPC marketing as the company’s first AdWords Evangelist. Today he serves as Co-Founding CEO of Optmyzr, a leading and award-winning PPC management platform.


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