Ep 156: [Case Study] What It Takes To Buy A Content Website In 3 Months (whilst eating a sandwich) with William

Buying your first website is easier said than done. Many first-time buyers thought they’ve made the right decisions not until it failed. What they do next is to try again and fail more miserably. 

What if you can avoid making the wrong choices and fast track your success in your online business? 

In this fun episode, I had a chance to sit down with William, a BOB member who decided to go for 1 on 1 coaching with me to buy his first website. We have discussed what it actually takes to buy a website, what made him decide on the type of website he bought, and the hard parts of his journey that you should prepare for. 

William will share the key takeaways for first-time buyers that could save them time, effort and resources. 

If you want a profitable online business and want to skip 90% failure rate then, you shouldn’t miss this podcast!

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Episode Highlights

00:00 What you’ll learn in this episode
02:19 Niche Website Builder
03:06 What drew you to this business?
06:02 Thrive effectiveness
07:33 Goal is everything
10:31 When did you decide on coaching?
14:07 What did you learn?
18:14 Best advice
19:45 How long it took for your first due diligence?
21:55 More details about the business
23:50 Favorite things you learned
25:40 Be repetitive until you get it!
26:20 Next step to William
28:18 What would you tell your friends as an advice?
31:25 How many hours do you spend on working?

About The Guest

William is a BOB member who decided to do some 1 on 1 coaching with me to buy his first website. He is a hilarious chap from South Carolina and is the youngest of 5 boys. What a wile household that would have been. This is a fun episode as William is a stand up comedian, enjoys theatre and sketch but this is too inspirational and there are so many takeaways for first time website buyers. 

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