EP 97 – How to Buy a $500K Website Business Using SBA Financing with Stacey

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Can’t wait to buy a website business and get started with your journey, but strapped for cash at the moment?

This week, Stacey shares how her first content site purchase was made possible through the help of SBA financing. Learn more about getting an SBA loan and what preparations you should make to secure it. We’ll also talk about the things that you should consider before buying a website business.

Break the financial barrier in your website journey by tuning in to this episode now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. How Stacey decided to dabble with the website business space [02:49]
  2. Joining the Buying Online Business community [06:22]
  3. Knowing more about the business before putting up an offer [08:54]
  4. The gold that she picked up on the community and the program [10:46]
  5. Buying her first content site through the SBA [14:20]
  6. Preparing well to borrow successfully from the SBA [16:32]
  7. Running and growing her food & beverage website business [21:53]
  8. Using paid ads with affiliate marketing to increase traffic [25:22]
  9. Leveling the playing field with her competitors [27:00]
  10. Lessons that Stacey learned throughout her journey [29:05]

About Our Guest:

Having her own online clinic in 2004, Stacey needed to have a passive income that can support her master’s in nursing. After hearing about Jaryd and his Due Diligence framework, she decided to jump right in and finally succeeded in buying her content website last September 2020. Now, she is seeing a greater ROI than ever before.

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