EP 98 – How To Build A YouTube Channel To Grow Your Online Business with Nick Nimmin

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Do you use YouTube to grow your online business? If you’re not, then it’s time to start your channel now.

In our most content-rich episode ever, YouTube gun Nick Nimmin reveals the reasons why you should use YouTube to drive sales and what are the things you need to do to start churning out those awesome videos. We cover everything from the focus of your videos to equipment to making a connection with your audience.

Don’t miss out in learning how to maximize YouTube for your business. Tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The fulfillment from doing something you’re passionate about [03:39]
  2. First things first, who are you making content for? [05:23]
  3. Create search based content to lead people to you [08:27]
  4. The cool thing about YouTube’s video recommendation [10:30]
  5. What type of videos should you make? [13:02]
  6. Going about researching for keywords [15:12]
  7. Master the art of getting people to click on your video [17:49]
  8. Tips for making clickable titles and thumbnails [22:44]
  9. Always consider viewer experience [28:22]
  10. Get people the actual content as quick as possible [32:13]
  11. Do an ‘Open Loop’ and end screens to improve retention [34:07]
  12. Driving people in the playlists: Why you should do it [36:40]
  13. Why you should get into YouTube [39:14]
  14. What if you don’t want to show your face? [40:41]
  15. One video has multiple uses to get traffic to you [47:50]
  16. Do you need to spend a lot on equipment? [49:41]
  17. It takes time to build momentum on your channel [52:08]
  18. When’s the right time to run ads? [56:12]
  19. Understanding your YouTube analytics [57:27]

About Our Guest:

As a successful YouTube content creator, Nick Nimmin knows how to leverage the power of online video. His channel has over 700,000 subscribers, and he is involved in internet marketing, consulting, public speaking and digital content production. Nick works to help other content creators succeed on YouTube and social media. 

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