EP 99 – How To Make More Affiliate Commission With Less Traffic with Kurt Philip

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Is your affiliate sales not as much as you’d like it to be?

No worries as we have Convertica’s Kurt Philip to talk about optimising your conversion rates. If you haven’t been tracking your conversions, you’ll find out why you should start doing it, plus we also talk about the best structure for a ‘best of’ article, the little tweaks you can do to improve your affiliate page, and how critical it is to have a business mindset.

Stick around and learn how to massively improve your business’ success. Tune in here!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Find out first where your conversions are coming from [03:34]
  2. Getting started in tracking conversions [06:25]
  3. Easy tips for increasing conversions [10:44]
  4. The best structure for ‘Best of ‘ articles [15:59]
  5. What Amazon is doing right [23:32]
  6. When it comes to Amazon affiliate, read up on case studies [26:57]
  7. Patience is the difference between success and failure [29:10]
  8. Start with small goals then build up [35:03]

About Our Guest:

Convertica was founded in 2016 by Kurt Philip who saw the demand for conversion rate optimization. After just 18 months, the company had worked with over 500 websites in countless monetisation methods. Now, Kurt Philip leads a team of specialists spread across the globe. 

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