Why Is EVERYONE Lying To Me

Why Is EVERYONE Lying To Me? It’s A Myth That We Need To Work To Earn Money

“Time to head back home to reality”

“Yea I need to get back to work so I can earn more money”
“Everybody needs to work, how else do you earn a living?”

These are just a handful of the one-liners that I hear from people I meet when travelling. It used to fly right over my head, but now the more I hear things like this the more it starts to make me feel sick.

It’s a sickening feeling that is crossed between letting down friend and that cringing moment you experience when you are about to witness something awful.

And it is awful; its damn right disgusting that majority of the world has been lead to believe we need to work to earn money. It is a deeply embedded belief that we are taught ever since we stepped foot in the first classroom of our first school. No before that even, as a young child we watched our parents go off to work everyday; this is where the belief system stemmed from.

A belief system like this that has been planted in our brains from such a young age is something incredibly hard to shake and a concept we really struggle to get around as human beings. I am no saint here either and far from it! I used to work 60-70 hour weeks on site and that is on top of the 2.5-3 hours of travel time I spent in the car commuting every day. It was putrid let me tell you that much.

I think this is what spurred me to start asking some serious questions. Questions like “How come there are people out there making millions of dollars in this world and not needing to barely lift a finger to do so?”

On my days off, if I was lucky to get one. I would see people at the beach, walking their dogs. Going out to lunch with friends and simply living what looked like to me the dream life. Surely all of these people were not just having the day off like me? I know this because there are people who simply don’t work at all and earn more money than you me, your mum, dad, brother, sister and dog combined! Yes even if you have a super famous Instagram dog!

Which lead to more questions.

“Is it fair?”

“How are they even doing this?”

“Is this even possible, and if so can I learn how too?”

“Are they just better than me and had lots of money to begin with?”

As you can see asking yourself life-changing questions leads to insightful answers. So as I continued to let these thoughts brew in my head of how it’s even possible to live a life without needing to work, I quickly discovered some life changing answers.

Which were: Yes of course it’s fair that other people don’t need to work, they have just worked out a way to do so. Anything is possible right and it’s not that they are better than you or I. It’s that they learnt how to make their money work for them instead of them having to work for their money.

What a simple concept right. Something you have probably heard of before, if not I am sure you have herd – It takes money to make money.

So true right. And what these people did was start to learn how to spend their money in smarter ways that could make them money. Which is what we call in this modern world today….INVESTING!

This lead me to wanting to start investing, and I did. I tried many different ways and spent money learning, teaching myself and grinding out through educational books, podcasts, seminars and everything I could to learn as much as possible. I am still doing this today by the way (wink wink, nudge nudge – you need to start learning more too).

Eventually I stumbled upon buying websites for passive income and I decided to learn more about it and eventually try it out.
I did.

I did well too, and I evolved my investment strategy. I started to get good, good enough that people started asking me to teach them and now after all that education and investing which I still do both of. I don’t need to work.

I do work though.

I work still because I love it and I can help people with what I know. But the truth is, if I don’t want to work I don’t have to. AND I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you this because you too can do it. You too can start to learn how to make your money work for you instead of you having to work for your money.

Think of the time you will save when you no longer need to work. Time you can spend with your family, your friends, travelling the world or sitting in the sun every day reading books or watching Netflix.

All you need to do is start asking yourself questions, questions like how is this possible and how can I do this or that?

Start learning about different ways to invest. I am not saying buying websites is the only way, in my opinion after years of trying many different forms of investing it has given me the best results for the least amount of work. Although there are other ways out there still.

I urge you to not only ask yourself some serious questions about where you want to be in 5-10+ years, but learn different ways to get there and get there faster if you can.

Don’t be the guy or girl that conforms to the dogma that we actually need to work to earn money. As I mentioned before these may be hard concepts for us to wrap our heads around, especially after a lifetime belief that we must work in order to live. Although you and I both know this is far from true when there are people out there who make bucket loads of money sitting by the pool sipping martinis.

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