10 Tips To Finding Outsources For Your Website Investment

10 Tips To Finding Outsources For Your Website Investment

There is no doubt that finding outsources for your website investment is time consuming. Especially since you want to hire the right person for the job who is going to be efficient and precise whilst delivering great work.

The not so great thing about finding outsources for your website investment is that it can be really tough finding a decent worker you can rely on. Which is why through my experience of hiring and firing outsources for my own website investments I have got a few helpful tips for those of you who have just started investing in websites. Or maybe you brought your website a while ago but are after some extra help.

These tips I have picked up along the way have really helped me to efficiently find the right outsources for my website investments.

  1. Choose One Of Many Different MarketplacesFirst of all when it comes to finding outsources for your website investment is you have a list of a few great websites you can hire outsources from.

    What I suggest doing is ideally picking just one if not two at the most to start finding your outsources. The reason I like to stick with just one if not two is because it takes a lot of time filtering through people who apply for your job on just one of these sites let alone on a whole handful.So choose one that you think will best help you to find the type of outsourcer you are after. My top 5 I like are;UpWork.comwww.Fiverr.comwww.Odesk.comwww.PeoplePerHour.comwww.Zirtual.com

  2. Be Specific In Your Job PostingNow that you have decided on which outsourcing website you are going to use for finding outsources for your website investment you want to post for the type of job you need these outsources to do.

    The key goal when posting a job is to be as specific as possible so the people who are applying for your job know just what needs to be done and what they are getting themselves into. This is one of the first steps of weeding out the people who are not a great fit for your job. I can’t guarantee most applicants will thoroughly read your job posting but by being specific, people will know whether their capabilities should allow for them to apply or not.The broader you are about your job, the more you are going to have to filter through applicants later, like in the reviewing process.

  3. Use People With Good ReviewsNow that you have your job posted people will start to apply. My advice for finding outsources for your website investment that can actually get your job done well is by going for people who already have good reviews. People that have already done a lot of work recorded against their profile and can not only talk the talk but can walk the walk as there ratings/reviews and ect show.

    When you decided to work with outsources who don’t have great reviews, chances are you could be wasting your time with someone who is unprofessional and not completely qualified or helpful to you and your website investment at all. These people can be good if you get lucky, although generally those without a good work history may be time wasters for you.

  4. Don’t Go For The CheapestJust as I suggest to use people with good reviews, I also believe it is best to never go with the cheapest price someone may bid for your job. Sure I understand the importance of keeping things cheap, after all I am an entrepreneur like you too.

    However by going with the cheapest price isn’t exactly cheaper in the long run. Since after hiring you will more than likely not get the quality of work you are after. Also further down the road this can cost you more than what it would have if you had of chosen an outsourcer for your website investment that may have been slightly more expensive but could do the job just as you would like.It’s like anything in life, the cheaper the price for the product or service, the cheaper the quality of the work will be. I advise when finding outsources for your website investment to pay at the very least a little higher than the lower price average of people who are applying for the job.The whole reason you are hiring an outsources is so you don’t have to do the work and think about it either. So why choose an applicant who will leave you up at night wondering if they are getting the job done correctly.

  5. Allow Yourself Time To Find Someone GoodI mentioned earlier finding outsources for your website investment is not something you can do within an hour. Well you could if you wanted to, although if you want to find the right person I certainly recommend allowing yourself enough time to find the right candidate.

    Especially if you have a deadline to meet, it’s worth having time u your sleeve to find someone you can trust to do the work well.

  1. Review ApplicantsAgain reviewing the applicants takes time too. When it comes to this stage of the game and you have a whole lot of people to go through. Skimming through and picking just the ones who have the qualities you are after is best.

    There is often no need to read every single persons entire profile, which is why skimming through the applicants is far more efficient. What you want to look for ideally is their price per hour or for the job and also their reviews.

  2. Create List Of Top 5As you skim through many of these applicants you want to look for people who you can add to your shortlist. By shortlisting a few of the best possible candidates you know who could do the job right will really help when it comes time to interviewing and selecting.

    By having just a few on your shortlist means less interviewing. It is also good to have a shortlist to choose between the best of the bunch during your final stages of recruiting to compare them all to each other.

  3. Interview & ChooseNow that you have a list of 5 people for finding outsources for you website investment. It is time to start getting on the phone and interviewing these people. Generally Skype or Google Hangouts works best for this although before you jump on a call with your candidates be sure to have a list of questions available for your applicants.

    They should be simple questions about the tasks needed to be done. By talking to the applicants you will start to get a better idea of who out of the 5 would best suit the job.As a little insider tip, is to be sure to keep the contact details of all the top candidates incase the person who you do choose to work with is not capable or something else happens. This way you don’t have to go posting another job and finding outsources for your website investment all over again.

  4. Be Incredibly Detailed With InstructionsOnce you have selected the best applicant, I find it always helps to be as detailed as possible in your instructions. The reason for this is, if you have an image or an idea in your head of what you would like done or how you would like the task performed. If you don’t communicate that across in fine details, chances are that task will not be as you wished.

    I also find it important to keep most if not all communication in writing, whether it be through email, Skype, Slack or one of those other team management apps you can use online. The reason for this is because if a task is done not as per your description and you have your instructions recorded. You can then ask them to re-do the work how you asked for it initially and still only pay the agreed amount.

  5. Communication Is Key!I have left the most important to last and that is of course to have really good communication skills. The more you talk to your outsources and clearly explain the tasks the better they will understand exactly what you are after and how you would like the task/s done.

    It can be damaging to a business or website when things are done but not communicated about. Or vise versa where things are not done but need to be done by a certain time. This is why keeping in communication with each other is very key, in order for both parties to understand and are always on the same page.

So when finding outsources for your website investment sticking to these 10 tips will certainly help you to find the outsources you need. If you have any other helpful hints you use when getting outsources for your website investments, please be sure to comment them below.

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