Flippa Is Changing The Game

Flippa Is Changing The Game – Why I Am Excited & You Should Be Too

I have bought business from Flippa and I know many people who have too. If it wasn’t for Flippa I would never of even started my career in buying websites and wouldn’t have been able to help my clients make thousands of dollars from buying websites too.

However, there was a time where many people shunned Flippa (myself included) although I believe this post was called for, to set the record straight.

And honestly, for everyone who was new to the scene of buying websites for passive income, I used to tell them to steer clear of Flippa. And for good reason, there were many “businesses” being sold on Flippa that were not particularly great investments to say the least, and a few first time website investors were affected by this.

But! Flippa has a new sheriff in town and they are changing the game on how people buy and sell websites online and I am excited to tell you all about it.

So recently Blake Hutchison the new CEO of Flippa came on the podcast and we discussed not just about what first time website buyers should know when getting started. We too discussed how Flippa is changing the game and what I learnt most about the conversation with Blake is that Flippa now has a heavy focus trust.

Which for anyone who is looking to buy an online businesses, knowing they can trust the seller of the business is fundamental. So, for Flippa to be working heavily on different ways sellers and buyers can build and have more trust between one another is going to make buying and selling websites so much more fun and easier.

How they have been implementing this is that for everyone who buys and sells a website on Flippa, they must first create a profile the needs to be vetted and verified by providing Flippa a government issued identification. This way Flippa cant ensure each user is a real person.

This is huge change because in the past buyers and sellers where able to be create anonymous profiles. Which doesn’t represent a high level of trust at all and with these changes that Flippa are making, I feel the platform is going to become a lot friendlier.

All in all, Flippa’s goal is to be the best and simplest place to list your business for sale, which will benefit both sides of the marketplace. Starting with how easy it is to list your business for sale but also having tools available to articulate how valuable your business really is. Because ultimately the sellers will be able to tap into particular features that can showcase their business for sale in the best light.

One of these cool features and a way that Flippa is changing the game, will be having Flippa connect to different accounting software providers like Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and Myob for example. Which is an absolutely phenomenal approach for the platform. Because for an investor looking to buy a website, with just one click you will be able to expose the full financials of the business and have total verification right their on the Flippa website.

Another tool they have implements is buyer matching, where you can create a profile and select what type of businesses you are looking to possibly purchase. Flippa will then notify you when these business come on the market for sale. Which means you no longer need to trawl through every listing to find something that suits your investment guidelines.

So all in all, now that we know that Flippa is changing the game and their platform. It is only becoming far more attractive to not just sellers but particularly for first timers who want to buy websites businesses. Meaning if you are like myself and my clients looking for great websites to buy keep your eye on Flippa and snap up a great business if I don’t beat you too it.

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