why you never need to work

Did You Get Played? – Why You Never Need To Work

Almost everyone I meet thinks that in order to afford to live they need to work.

What a load of crap right, I mean seriously who needs to work?

I could imagine after you reading those last few lines you are somewhat confused. I know, I know, I know. Hear me out. I too used to be very confused on this issue that is for sure.

Confused as to why some people never need to work and what’s worse is, a lot of those people who don’t need to work also have bucket loads of cash.

Why is that?

Why are we slaving away day in day out while these other chumps are sitting back and living the good life. Not needing to work and certainly not needing to budget to buy anything, instead they can afford whatever it is they want and when they want.

Doesn’t it suck that they have it so easy.

It used to frustrate me a lot. I was always frustrated until I worked out that society played me for a fool. Society fed me this belief system that in order to make money I need to work.

Being played is no fun, and it’s even worse when you don’t even know you have been played. But with that, finally understanding that you have been played allows you to see what has actually happened. Why it’s happened and how you can change things.

So I myself started to learn how to change things. Change the way I thought about money, changed the way I approached challenges and certain situations. I even changed the way I thought I should be living. From changing my diet, to changing the things I would spend time on, who I spent time with and the biggest change was in what I decided to learn.

Since learning some of these different skills I now have and working towards a few goals, hiring mentors and really deciding to make more changes that would benefit me greatly. I started to learn how possible it really is to not have to work.

And eventually I was able to quit my day job, work less hours (far less hours) and earn more money!

How did this happen though? Was it one thing that I learnt, did I follow some secret formula that guided me along the path of never needing to work again?

Well it certainly wasn’t just one thing I had learnt, instead it was everything that I had learnt on my journey from deciding to make many changes in my life. And was there one simple secret formula that guided me to where I am today, I wish!

Instead I learnt many things to create my own path, which thinking about it now I could call my formula for success. But the coolest thing about these formulas of success that each person who has followed to achieve a certain level of success or a big goal. Is that they are certainly not secret formulas.

They are simply paths to be followed by successful people before us. There is nothing secret about them. As a matter of fact you can follow my path right here right now just by reading my blog, watching my videos and understanding my story.
I have nothing to hide and everything to share, there are no secrets here and that is the main reason why I started this blog and teaching people just like you how to buy websites for passive income. So they can choose to live their own perfect lifestyle be it travelling the world (like I do), or spending more time with their kids, or even just having the option to have a little extra spare time or money.

So I urge you to not forever be trapped by the belief system society has fed you. Instead open your eyes to new realities that other people are living right now, today. Lives where people have time, money and everything they need at their fingertips and for a certain reason too. Because they decided to make some changes and see the possibilities of an easier, simple and better lifestyle.

If this is something you are after, start making some changes and watch yourself grow and your life transform.

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