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Is It Hard Owning And Managing An Online Business?

When you meet people you often go through the pleasantries of where you are from and what you do right. And after I explain to people what I do, a lot of the time people often wonder how hard it must be owning and managing an online business.

However, to be honest and especially in this day and age. I feel that owning and managing an online business couldn’t be easier. To me it’s crazy that people still associate owning and managing an online business, or any business for that matter to be extremely tough.

I do understand why though. Because people tend to associate running an online business with running a traditional bricks and mortar business. Where running and owning a business can actually be quite tough. Business hours are only 9-5, there are many limitations, the cost of employing people are far higher. And just getting things done took a very long time because business hours were limited by how much daylight there was in a day.

But now, with the new age of technology running and managing an online business is far easier than people suspect. To be honest, I literally send a few emails each day. Sometimes I will post a few things online, set odd tasks that need to be done for employees and very rarely need to pick up the phone.

One of my favorite things about running and managing my online businesses though is, that it can be done from anywhere in the world and from basically any computer! As a matter of fact, I was in Vietnam not long ago and my precious MacBook died. This meant I had to run my businesses through my Iphone! How cool is that, being anywhere in the world at any time and being able to run your business through your phone! Since that day my gratitude towards technology has been enriched.

owning and managing an online business Seriously running and managing an online business is that simple now. Which makes me again think it’s crazy how most people quite easily rule things out, like owning and running an website simply because they don’t believe they can do it.

But you want to know what the scariest part is really is?

People who have not yet decided to turn to the Internet to make money when the opportunities are ABUNDANT! Because living a laptop lifestyle is far easier than living a 9-5 cubical lifestyle where you can’t have the many freedoms of the new age laptop lifestyle. From time freedom, to location freedom, even financial freedom.

This is because if you need to earn more money, you don’t need to go and ask for a raise/promotion (which let’s face it, is hard to get), you can just work a little more to build your business up.

I could quite honestly go on for days on how much better the laptop lifestyle is and how greatly my life has changed since I decided to start buying, owning and managing online businesses that put money in my pocket every month.

However, that is enough about me for now.


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