EP 96 – How Authority Hacker Grow their Content Sites (and Why You Should Too) with Mark Webster

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It’s 2021 and about time to make the most out of your content websites! Know what it takes for established sites to continually develop their content sites. In today’s new episode, Mark Webster of Authority Hacker shares his expertise in growing their content site. With well over ten years of experience in the industry, Mark and I discuss how content creation has progressed over the years. Mark will also share how they plan to take on 2021 headstrong.

Kickstart your 2021 content planning by listening to this episode!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The rapid growth in the content creation community [03:32]
  2. Don’t beat Google’s algorithm, join it [05:23]
  3. Properly evaluate your risk reward ratios in link buying [07:54]
  4. How to choose the perfect niche for your website? [13:31]
  5. Building on existing content to gain authority [22:05]
  6. Site credibility is as important as quality content [25:16]
  7. Go the extra mile in producing your content [31:54]
  8. In creating content, always mind the user experience [34:06]
  9. Mark’s forward strategy for 2021 [34:51]
  10. It’s never too late to join the competition [40:02]
  11. Learn from the experiences of others [43:38]

About Our Guest:

Mark Webster is one of the co-owners of Authority Hacker, an industry leader in online marketing education. Before Authority Hacker, Mark had a hand with AdSense campaigns and ClickBank products in 2008. He is a systems expert and takes pride in claiming that he lives by efficiency and organization as his life motto. 

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