EP 95 – How to Grow a Portfolio of Content Websites with Jon Dykstra

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 Interested in building a portfolio of content websites and gaining profit from them?

Today, Fat Stacks’ Jon Dykstra will share his journey with niche content writing, website optimization, and natural link building. We’ll also be talking more about ad income, website ranking, retaining high page views, and the overall building of a content sites portfolio that banks on quality on all aspects.

It will be an exciting episode for us, so tune in now! 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Jon’s impressive portfolio and income report [05:10]
  2. Why ads work well more than affiliate income [06:19]
  3. Infinite scroll and when you should use it [10:58]
  4. Ways to keep people hooked to your website [15:41]
  5. Why hiring in-house content writers is more effective [17:51]
  6. Deciding topics that produce quality content and traffic [22:35]
  7. How to build and gain natural links to generate more views [25:18]
  8. Things to help you gain better rankings [29:44]
  9. What to remember when investing in content websites [35:06]

About Our Guest:

Being in the website business industry for more than a decade, Jon Dykstra started from 1 to 17 flourishing website businesses. He is the CEO and Founder of JGD Media Group, a company that operates a portfolio of websites businesses and invests in tech startups. 

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