How To Triple Your Ad Revenue In 1 Year With Ezoic

How To Triple Your Ad Revenue In 1 Year With Ezoic

My clients love Ezoic because when they plug this tool in with their ads they can increase their sites revenue with very little work.

Well maybe a few clicks of the mouse, but to get exception results (like 3x your revenue) you will need to focus on growing your site a little too. Which we will get to.

So how does this actually work, how can one increase our ad revenue in just 1year?

And not just a little bit, but tripling it.

There have been cases that Ezoic tracked, where more than 20 sites tripled their ad revenue in just 1 year.

But how?

Overall there are 2 main things that helped these sites triple their ad revenue. Increasing website traffic and better ad placements.

How To Increase Website Traffic

You have heard this before, “The more traffic you get to your website the more money you can make.” Which has some merit, but you don’t just want any old traffic. 

You want highly targeted traffic, visitors that are so passionate about your niche that when they see ads on your site the likelihood of them clicking those ads is high. This is done by creating exceptional content and having a better user experience on your site.

This can be done in a few different ways, although combining all three that I explain below is a triple threat and will give you superior results.

Creating New content That Ranks

Long ago people had the perception that Google wanted you to continually update your site to keep rankings and to do that you needed to post new content regularly (people were posting every single day, some still do!). Now it’s not so much about regular content but producing quality over quantity.

For example if you produce less content, that is so exceptional that it’s the best article on the web for that certain topic. And you have a great keyword behind it destined to get ranked and the likelihood of this article getting shared around and linked to is high. Then your content will be deemed highly valuable, thus ranking higher, creating more exposure and generating more quality traffic to your site.

Which is why my suggestion is to take your time with creating your content. For example if you had a goal of posting once per week. Instead take all that time you would spend on creating multiple articles per month and focus that attention on creating just one extraordinary piece and you will end up with a far better article.

Creating quality content far outweighs quantity!

less is more Buying Online Businesses

Refine Original Content To Get Ranked Higher

For those of you who have websites that have content older than 1 year, it is worth going back to some of your original posts and refining them enough to increase their rankings.

How this is done is by starting out with some competitive research first. Once you find the best article on the internet on the certain topic/keyword your article is about and ranking for. Then refine your original piece of content to be far stronger in terms of better value, excellent images, great layout, whilst maybe even adding in some video and audio. 

By creating a superior piece of content you should overtime be able to rank higher and increase your traffic volume this way.

Decrease Bounce Rate With Better UX 

Have you ever been to a website and you struggle to find the navigation bar and even just trying to read the content is a nightmare because it’s not laid out cleanly?

I see this all the time and what do you think it urges me to do?

That’s right, I am out of there. This is the same with your website if you haven’t got the best user friendliness website in your niche.

Which is why if we are putting so much work into getting traffic to our website, it’s certainly worth taking the time to make sure they feel at home when they arrive. I am talking about having them feel welcomed and comfortable enough on the website so much that they want to look at multiple posts and pages (this decreases bounce rate and increase time on page).

To do this and it should go without saying, that your website should be mobile friendly. It should also be very easy to read your articles, watch your videos, navigate through the website and have minimal pop ups or pop outs.

And over all a neat and tidy layout by providing only the necessary links on each page. With too many links and places to go this can cause your viewers to get distracted and end up with decision fatigue to a point they just want to leave.

By increasing the time on page and decreasing the bounce rate it shows to advertisers you have a great website, your audience loves it and that your digital real estate is a piece of land that they would like to advertise on.

How To Have Better Ad Placements

When you are advertising anywhere you want to have those ads not only in the easiest place for your traffic to view the ad. But also without a hindrance of it being in the way.

Let me give you an example. Say you are driving on the motorway and you have been driving for a while and you start to get hungry, then you see a sign advertising a nearby restaurant by the side of the road and it’s exactly for what you feel like eating. You can clearly see the ad (sign in this case) but it’s not in your way, it’s precisely what you need and you can simply exit the motorway to get what you want. You are happy.

Now imagine being on the motorway, hungry again and wanting food. As you keep driving, there is a sign (a food ad) right smack bang in the middle of the motorway and you need to break heavily in order to not crash into it and move around it. You then get frustrated, even hungrier and end up leaving the motorway because you can’t stand being there anymore.

Picture your website as the motorway, you are helping people get to their destination (learning something or entertaining the traffic). Whilst your traffic is there you obviously want to help them and give them options to solve their problems precisely when they need it, but without being such a hindrance that your ads are always in their way.

This is what your website should do. It should be easy to navigate, hop on in and enjoy being on your site and leave when they need or if they find something you can help them with on their journey they can easily get it right at the time they notice it.

So how do you have ads on your website that are the right ads, in the right place at the right time, without frustrating your traffic and actually increasing clicks?

Ad Testing

Discover Which Articles Deliver The Highest EPMV

You need to find out which articles and pages on your website have the highest EPMV (earnings per thousand viewers). Which is how much money your page/article makes per thousand viewers.

How this works is by finding not just the article or page with the highest amount of traffic. Instead, the key is to find the pages and articles where people are most likely to click on ads.  Which means they are on that page/article at a certain time (in their life/journey) which is going to cause them to want further help from the ads you have on those pages.

This prevents you from plastering ads all over your website in places that are going to certainly frustrate your traffic and cause a higher bounce rate.

Less Ads Can Mean More Money

Finding those pages with the higher EPMV is a huge help, though you are halfway there. Just because you now know that people are more likely to click on ads on these pages does not mean you place 6 ads on just that 1 page.

There have been cases where a page can make more money with only 1 ad on it, rather than a total of 6!

So knowing the correct amount of ads on each page and where to specifically place those ads on those pages will really allow you to get the best results from your ads.

Why Ezoic

Ezoic was designed specifically to help website owners do help website owners make more money from their ads by assisting with increasing your website’s traffic, better UX on your website and refined ad placements.

They assist publishers with SEO tools that can allow your website to load faster, measure your website’s performance based on engagement.

And their Ad Tester Tool shows publishers what pages to place their ads on. How many ads to place on that page and exactly where to place those ads to ensure they get the highest possible revenue from those ads.

Which is why publishers have been able to triple their ad revenue in just one year!

So if you are a content site owner and haven’t experienced or even heard of Ezoic, check them out if you want to scale your sites ad revenue.

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