How & Why Ezoic Increases Website Revenue By 93%

What insane results for just one year of using Ezoic!

That’s right, Ezoic tracked 300 websites for 12 months and the average increase of revenue growth was an incredible 93%.

And that’s just the average, there are Ezoic users that have had a 300% increase in revenue in under a year!

Now when I see stats like these I tend to drop everything and go check things out on a deeper level. But before you bail right now to go sign up for Ezoic, first it’s important to find out how & why Ezoic increases sites revenue so easily.

Well it all started when the ever so smart Dwayne Lafler, CEO of Cubics who were the first EVER Facebook advertising network, realised that everyone selling media was wrong.

He discovered that if a website has a far better user experience, meaning people can easily navigate the site, it looks nice and people want to hang out on that site longer. The longer that website’s traffic is going to spend on a site with ads and the more likely they are to click.

Which when you think about it further, makes so much sense on multiple levels. But the key thing to remember here is that a site will make more money, if people spend more time on the site and the only way to keep people on your website is to have the best user experience possible.

Now, I could dive deep into how to ensure that user experience is great with better navigation, a sexier site, killer content that people actually want to hang around to consume and what’s involved with all that. But I am sure at a macro level you all get that.

After learning much more about Ezoic myself what I discovered is that people have a perception or a myth about Ezoic. Which is that Ezoic just helps you get more revenue with better ads and placements.

In reality though Ezoic would simply not work so well without ensuring your site has better user design. Which is what almost every website owner completely looks past when we tend to focus on growing the revenue.

“What makes Ezoic work so well is it’s combination of providing better UX for websites, thus creating better ad placements and more revenue”

So there are 2 macro levels at which ezoic helps website owners get the winning combination of user friendliness on sites and more advertising revenue. They are Site Optimisation for better UX and Ad placements.

SEO optimisation with Ezoic

First let’s stick to site optimization, why? Because optimizing your site is the first step. There is no point in slapping some ads on your site if people don’t like your website to begin with.

So Ezoic uses various different SEO tools you can use to optimize your website, to create that excellent user experience we have been talking about.

Ezoic SEO
It’s quite clear by now if you haven’t heard or read any statistics on how many people use mobile devices for internet browsing, it’s safe to say it’s far more than 50% of the world.

Which is why Google has suggested that by allowing your website to be mobile friendly it will boost your rankings. The great thing about Ezoic is that making your website mobile friendly is done automatically.

User Experience (UX)
The best way for Google to see that your website has a great user experience, all they need to see is that your traffic is spending time on your site, visiting multiple pages and it’s simple for them to navigate through the site. When the Google algorithm can see all that is happening, they reward these sites by helping them to rank higher.

Ezoic is all about user experience for your website because it is the foundation to place ads on and the better the foundation the better performance your ads have. Meaning more money for you and the advertiser.

Decreasing Load Times
There is nothing worse than waiting around for a website to load, we all dislike this experience both on mobile and on desktop. It should be within our duty to ensure people who want to visit our website can do so without the frustration of constantly waiting for a page to load.

As you know, with the effects of a slow website, traffic simply gives up and decides to abort to a different website that will load sufficiently. And we can’t have that, or else people won’t ever see our ads because they won’t even make it onto the site in the first place.

How Ezoic handles this is with my favourite tool, the Site Speed Accelerator. All you need to do is turn it on and it has proven to decrease websites load speed by 200%, just by turning the tool on.

All of this leads to an increase in time users spend on your website which helps your SEO profile. And by having people on your site longer you decrease your website’s bounce rate, which aids in your quest for a better SEO profile too.

Advertising with Ezoic

Now that the site is optimized with the SEO & UX changes you have made via the Ezoic tools, you have laid the foundation to get the best results by advertising with Ezoic.

Ezoic are a Google Certified Publishing Partner and have worked with over 30,000 Ezoic users helping publishers to improve their websites and ad revenue. With the feedback of their extensive network and community they have carefully designed the best advertising tools for publishers to ensure they significantly improve their advertising revenue.

How is this done though?

Through the Ezoic Ad Tester tool, which helps your site improve your advertising in 2 main areas;

Less Ads, More Money
You have heard the saying “less is more”, this rings true with Ezoic regarding advertising on a well optimized website.

In fact, having your site optimized for a better UX, this goes hand in hand with helping your site increase revenue. Not just by having a better and faster site, but with the changes to the ads on your site with Ezoic’s Ad Tester. You can find the best amount of ads on your site and often less is more!

Ezoic has case studies on how removing ads on a website improves it’s ad earnings. That’s right, you can make more money with less ads!

Ad Placements
Obviously you can’t remove all ads, but which ads should you keep?

And just as important is, where should you place these ads?

This is where Ezoic comes into its own element. They allow you to use the Ezoic Ads Tester Tool to test out your site’s layout with ads on it. From doing this you can find the best variation of ads and placements on your site, that will allow you to increase your ad revenue without impacting traffic and your SEO profile. 

You see, by making your site better and ensuring your ads are in the best possible places every time. Not only do your advertisers earn more money, but so do you!

There is one extra layer though, and essentially why I like this tool so much is because;

“Ezoic brings publishers & advertisers closer, creating a win-win-win formula for the publisher, advertiser and website users”

I know what you are thinking, is it really that simple?

Do I just sign up for Ezoic and I make more money, well yes and no.

Yes, by signing up with Ezoic as a publisher using ads (or wanting to) on your website, Ezoic has the tools and the proof to show you that you can dramatically increase your earning. Is it as simple as just signing up?

Well no, you will need to click a few buttons and test a few things out on your site.  But that’s it. No coding, no heavy lifting in changing your site dramatically because Ezoic is a plug and play tool that allows you to make the changes with a few clicks of your mouse.

Which is why Ezoic has been growing at a rapid pace and has users who are loyal fans across all their websites.

Even members of the Buying Online Business community are buying websites, adding Ezoic as a tool to their content websites and achieving great results.

If you are interested, you can check out Ezoic here

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