Increase Time On Page & Ad Revenue With Ezoic’s Layout Tester

Increase Time On Page & Ad Revenue With Ezoic’s Layout Tester

There is no secret that the longer your traffic stays on a website it means they are having a better experience, which means they have more trust for you and also the ads you have on your site.

In fact if you haven’t got a great user experience on your website now and are not working on this, then you really should be. As Google (which most content websites and publishers heavily rely on for traffic) only want to be sending people from their platform to websites that have great user experience.

Which is why they are rolling out their Core Web Vitals Update in 2021. So it’s not only important to be working on your user experience so you don’t lose traffic. But it’s also key to have the traffic who do visit your site to stay longer. 

This means that with your traffic spending more time on your site it increases your ad revenue too. In some cases Ezoic users have tripled their ad revenue in just 1 year.

Hence why Ezoic is so heavy on their publishers/users optimizing their websites and that is what their platform is designed to help with. To ensure your website is set up and laid out in the best possible format to increase user experience, prevent being burnt by the Google Core Vitals update that Ezoic wrote about, and to help publishers increase ad revenue.

The way in which you can optimize your website to provide a better user experience can be done with how your website is presented, laid out and adaptable for various devices.

Ezoic’s Layout Tester

Firstly, the easiest win when optimizing your website for user experience is with the design and layout of your site. It is quite clear that one of the biggest reasons someone is going to leave your site quite shortly after visiting is because of how hard it can be to either navigate your site, consume the content or even feel comfortable browsing.

When traffic leaves your site momentarily after visiting, this causes a higher bounce rate and decreases your overall time on page. Two important metrics Google uses to validate the value of a website.

How Ezoic helps publishers minimize these metrics and provide a better on page experience is by allowing publishers to test different layouts within their platform to see what layout will work best.

Why this is great is because it prevents having to go through months and months of split testing and waiting for data to determine results, all to finally get the layout that works best on your website. You can do this a lot quicker with this tool.

Mobile Converter

Have you ever visited a website on your mobile phone and had to zoom in to read the text, then scroll around to find the link or button you need to click on and if you need to fill out a form it’s nothing less than frustrating?

My point is that every single website should have been converted to allow for a mobile version years ago!

We all know the stats of mobile users for internet browsing in the U.S is over 80% and increasing. So if you haven’t already got a mobile friendly website stop stuffing around because your site will be lost on Google if it isn’t already.

With that even some mobile friendly sites aren’t the easiest to navigate. And there will undoubtedly be a crackdown on this through Google seeing the user experience decrease on mobiles.

What I like that Ezoic has done to combat this is their mobile converter tool. This tool automatically converts your site to a mobile friendly version, though it also turns your mobile version into a PWA (progressive web application). This means with the PWA version, users can interact on your website like it’s a mobile app on their phone, yes without even needing to download an app!

I thought this was pretty cool.

Multivariate Tester

Whilst we know that most people are on mobile devices, there are so many different devices people use to browse websites, which is why Ezoic created their multivariate tester. You can use this to test the perfect layout of your site for a large range of devices that people may be using.

Meaning that if a big portion of your website viewers are visiting your website from say a Kindle Device or dinosaur model smartphone for example. You can have your website load in the most suitable version for that device.

I know it may not seem like much because you may have only 5% of your traffic using one device, and 5% using another and then 5% using a different device from the last two. Sure the numbers seem small, however when that accounts for 15% of your traffic and they may all have a bad user experience, this can really affect your bounce rate and time on page. 

Causing your overall SEO score/profile to be compromised simply due to a small percentage of traffic browsing on unordinary devices. 

Tools built for making money

In short Ezoic built these tools for your site/s to make more money.

It is without doubt that the easier it is to scroll, navigate and browse your website the more people will not just come back, but hang out on your site longer.

Yes this means your website is more valuable and like anything that is valuable, advertisers want a piece of it. So turning your websites into a better asset means that the more money advertisers can make from your site, which means the more money you can make from the advertisers.

Think of it this way, Joe Rogan sold his full podcast rights to Spotify. And why did Spotify buy these rights for a whopping $100 Million? Because they know that people love the Joe Rogan Experience podcast because they spend a lot of time listening. I am talking over 3 hours for many of his episodes. 

That means it’s a very valuable asset to advertise on, which is why advertisers want to advertise on his platform and why he can get paid handsomely from those advertisers.

This is the same with your website, the better you build this asset of yours. Meaning the more valuable it becomes, this means more people spending longer on your site. And while this means you may not make $100 Million from your site, you certainly will have an attractive asset that advertisers will want to advertise on, meaning you can start to make bank! (i.e more money in your pocket).

So if you want a tool that can help you get people to hang out on your site longer, get Ezoic’s Layout Tester tool as a part of your arsenal for a bigger pay day. 

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