Make money on amazon reviews

How to Make Money on Amazon Reviews

Are you an Amazon enthusiast who loves writing? Turn your passion for reviewing products into a money-making opportunity!

This article explores methods on how to make money from home by writing Amazon product reviews. Discover survey sites that pay for your opinions or start your own website. Become an Amazon affiliate, or leverage social media and YouTube to earn commissions.

Explore book review websites and programs like Amazon Vine for free products and paid opportunities. Are you a freelance writer or simply enjoy sharing your thoughts? This article provides tools and knowledge to make money through Amazon reviews.


Key Takeaways

  • Survey sites and freelance writing platforms offer opportunities to get paid for writing opinions and feedback on Amazon products.
  • Starting your own website and joining the Amazon affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by writing helpful reviews of Amazon products and adding affiliate links.
  • Utilizing social media platforms and YouTube can help you review Amazon products and earn money through affiliate links and ad revenue.
  • Book review websites and the Amazon Vine program offer opportunities to receive free products and get paid for reviews.

Leveraging Survey Sites and Platforms

Boost your earnings by utilizing survey sites to supplement your income for making Amazon reviews. Survey sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Kash Kick offer opportunities to make money on Amazon reviews by providing your opinions and feedback on products.

Here’s what you can expect from survey sites:

  1. Rewards: Many survey sites offer rewards such as Amazon gift cards or cash for completing surveys and providing feedback. This can supplement your income from creating Amazon reviews.
  2. Variety of surveys: Survey sites provide a wide range of surveys on different topics, allowing you to make money while sharing your opinions on various products and services.
  3. Flexibility: Survey sites offer flexibility in terms of when and where you can complete surveys, making it convenient to fit into your schedule.

Starting Your Own Website and Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make cash through Amazon reviews, you can start your own website and get involved in affiliate marketing. You can make money blogging. Simply start a blog and sign up for the Amazon affiliate program or Amazon Associates.

You can write helpful reviews of Amazon products on your website and add affiliate links. When someone clicks on your links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media and YouTube

Share your unbiased reviews of Amazon products with your followers on social media. You can earn extra money through the Influencer program or by creating YouTube videos. By leveraging the power of social media and YouTube, you can turn your passion for reviewing products into a profitable online venture. With the Amazon Influencer program, you can sign up and share your honest reviews with your followers. You’ll earn a commission whenever they make a purchase using your affiliate link.

Creating a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing Amazon products can generate income through ad revenue and affiliate links. Use your Amazon account to purchase products for review videos. Post them on your channel to drive views and clicks.

Exploring Book Review Websites for Earning Opportunities

Checking out book review websites can help you discover opportunities for earning money by writing customer reviews. There are several ways to get paid as an Amazon reviewer through these platforms.

  • Join websites that pair authors with reviewers:
    Websites like Any Subject Books, Readers Favorite, and Online Book Club connect authors who are looking for reviews. You can receive a free review book and get paid for your review. You can combine your love for reading with making money.
  • Write paid reviews for Amazon authors:
    Many Amazon authors seek positive reviews to increase exposure and sales. By offering your services as a book reviewer, you can get cash for writing Amazon book reviews. This can help authors promote their work.
  • Explore freelance writing opportunities:
    Freelance writing platforms like FlexJobs, Upwork, or Fiverr offer opportunities to create Amazon product reviews for authors and publishers. You can offer your writing services and get paid to write Amazon reviews on various products and books.

The Amazon Vine Program: Testing and Writing About Unreleased Products

To participate in the Amazon Vine Program, you can test and write about unreleased products while getting paid. 

To become part of the program, you need to maintain a good reviewer ranking. You also need to receive an invitation from Amazon.

Once accepted, you’ll have the chance to test and review a variety of unreleased products in different categories. By providing feedback and writing insightful reviews, you can make money while helping other customers make informed decisions.

Get Paid to Review Amazon Products: More Opportunities

If you’re looking to write reviews for free stuff, Amazon Vine and other programs offer great opportunities. Here are some ways to get free products for review:

  • Amazon Reviewer Hall of Fame: If you consistently write helpful and insightful reviews, you may be recognized by Amazon and included in their Reviewer Hall of Fame. This can open doors to receiving free products for review.
  • Amazon Influencer Program: Joining this program allows you to create content about Amazon products on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. You can promote products on your own storefront and earn commissions from purchases.

Tips for Writing Effective Amazon Reviews

When writing effective Amazon reviews, make sure to be specific about what you liked or didn’t like about the product. Use examples to support your opinions. This will help other customers make informed decisions when purchasing on Amazon.

Start by describing the features, functionality, and quality of the product. Explain why you found it helpful or disappointing. For example, if you’re reviewing a kitchen gadget, mention how it improved your cooking experience or if it had any flaws.

Use language appropriate for an audience that desires understanding. Provide clear and concise information that’s easy to follow.

Maximizing Income With Freelance Writing Opportunities

Earn more money by exploring freelance writing opportunities for Amazon reviews on platforms like FlexJobs, Upwork, or Fiverr. These platforms provide a legitimate way to get paid for your writing skills and make money writing reviews.

Here are three ways to maximize your income with freelance writing opportunities:

  1. Create a profile showcasing your writing skills and experience, and start bidding on Amazon review writing projects.
    This way, you can get paid to write reviews for Amazon’s various products and increase your earning potential.
  2. Expand your client base by reaching out to businesses or individuals who need Amazon reviews.
    You can offer your writing services directly to them and negotiate the payment terms. Building a portfolio of well-written Amazon reviews will help attract more clients and increase your chances of making money.
  3. Diversify your income by exploring other freelance writing opportunities.
    Look for gigs that pay for writing articles, blog posts, or website content. 


Building a Career in Freelance Writing Amazon Reviews

If you want to establish a successful career in freelance writing and Amazon reviews, you should focus on building a portfolio of high-quality reviews that can attract potential clients. Here are some key strategies to help you get started:

  • Develop your writing skills:
    Hone your writing abilities by practicing regularly and studying different writing styles. This will help you create engaging and informative reviews that stand out.
  • Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms and guidelines:
    Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s review policies to ensure that your reviews comply with their guidelines. This will help you build credibility and avoid any issues in the future.
  • Build a network:
    Connect with other freelance writers and reviewers in the industry. Building a network can provide opportunities for collaboration, learning, and potential job referrals.


There are numerous opportunities to turn your passion for reviewing products on Amazon into a money-making venture. From survey sites and affiliate marketing to social media and book review websites, there are various avenues to explore.

Whether you’re looking to earn commissions, receive free products, or build a career in freelance writing, this article has provided you with the tools and knowledge to monetize your Amazon reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get paid for Amazon reviews?

There are a few ways to get paid for Amazon reviews. One way is to become an Amazon Prime member and join the Amazon Vine Voice program, where you can receive free products in exchange for reviews. Another way is to sign up for an Influencer Account, where you can make money from the reviews you write. Additionally, you can also join the Amazon Reviewer Hall of Fame, which is a great way to get recognized for your helpful reviews.

Is it possible to make money online by writing reviews?

Yes, it is possible to make money online by writing Amazon reviews. As mentioned earlier, you can become an Amazon Prime member and join programs like Vine Voice or sign up for an Influencer Account to earn money from your reviews.

Are there any legitimate ways to get paid for Amazon reviews?

Yes, there are legitimate ways to get paid for Amazon reviews. Programs like Vine Voice and Influencer Account are both legitimate ways to earn money for writing reviews. However, it’s important to note that you should always provide honest and quality reviews to maintain your credibility as a reviewer.

Can I get free products in exchange for reviews?

Absolutely! By becoming a Prime member and joining programs like Amazon Vine Voice, you can get free stuff in exchange for reviews. This is a great way to try out new products and share your feedback with others.

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member to get paid for reviews?

While being a Prime member gives you access to additional opportunities like the Amazon Vine Voice program, it’s not a requirement to get paid for reviews. You can still earn money through Amazon’s Influencer Account or by joining other review programs offered by third-party companies.

Can I get paid to write for free stuff?

Yes, you can get paid to write for free stuff. Programs like Vine Voice and Influencer Account offer opportunities to receive free products in exchange for your reviews, and you can also earn money through these programs.

How can I get started making money through Amazon reviews?

To get started making money through Amazon reviews, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership and join programs like Vine Voice or Influencer Account. These programs will provide you with opportunities to receive free products and earn money by writing.

Is it possible to get paid to post reviews on Amazon?

Yes, it is possible to get paid to post reviews on Amazon. By joining programs like Vine Voice or signing up for an Influencer Account, you can earn money for posting reviews on Amazon.

Do reviewers get paid directly by Amazon?

Yes, reviewers can get paid directly by Amazon through programs like Vine Voice and Influencer Account. These programs offer compensation for reviews and provide payment directly from Amazon.

Can I become an Amazon reviewer and get paid to review products?

Yes, you can become an Amazon reviewer and get paid to review products. By being a part of programs like Vine Voice or signing up for an Influencer Account, you can earn money for reviewing products available on Amazon.

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