Ep 130: Make More Sales With Less Marketing Budget By Structuring Ad Accounts Correctly with Ilana Weschler

In advertising, spending less and making more sales is really possible. How? It’s just a matter of structuring your ad account correctly! 

It only takes one step to create best-selling ads, and one of my all-time favorite marketers, Ilana Weschler of Teach Traffic, is here to help us sort that out. In this episode, Ilana explains how to structure and make your ads relevant to your target audience so you can turn them into sales. 

Ilana and I also go into details about when you should start remarketing ads and the strategies that help you get amazing exposure with minimal ad spend! 

I learned so much from this interesting topic. So, if you don’t like to leave so much money on the table again through faulty ad structuring, then hit the play button. 

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Episode Highlights

  1. Structuring your ad account based on your target customer [3:58] 
  2. The classic mistake that people make in Google Ads [5:33]
    • Success with ads is all about ad relevance [7:29]
    • Consequences of incorrect ad structuring [9:52]
  3. Is Google Ads the same with Facebook Ads in terms of targeting? [11:46]
  4. Why you should start with retargeting ads first [13:40]
    • Don’t buy more traffic, change your offer [15:12]
  5. Kinds of ads you can run for remarketing and for cold traffic [17:59]
  6. Marketing across multiple ad platforms [22:30]
    • Avoid putting all your eggs in one ad basket [23:28]
  7. Types of ads that work best on Google and on Facebook [30:22] 
  8. Long ad copy vs.short ad copy [36:09]  
  9. Reach out and learn more from Ilana [39:20] 

About Our Guest

Ilana Weschler is the Founder of Teach Traffic and Green Arrow Digital, both dedicated to helping out online businesses generate more traffic through pay per click marketing. She also hosts her own show, Teach Traffic, which talks about different traffic generating strategies for online business owners.

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