6 Great Marketing Tools For Website Investors

6 Great Free Marketing Tools For Website Investors

Once you have got your hands on your own online business whether you bought it from a website broker, a previous owner or built it yourself. The number one thing you want to do is grow it right?

Which is why I have for you 6 great free marketing tools for website investors who are hungry to build their businesses and generate a greater return on their investment. The 6 below tools for website investors are all tools I have used and use regularly. Not simply tools I have plucked out of thin air and put into a post for you to ‘hopefully’ make good use out of.

These are tools for website investors such as myself that I know work from personal experience. So be sure to check them out and see which of these great free tools you would like to add to your tool belt too.

Answer The Public

This great tool allows you to type in some of your websites keywords and comes up with relevant questions that people are searching for and want answered. Meaning it literally shows you what questions your customers are asking so you can answer them through your content. Whether that pic images, infographics, blog posts, videos or even audio, Answer The Public can help you out.


I love this tool because you can easily create great images, ads, banners, infographics and any type of imagery for your content. You get free images, graphics, templates and can upload your own images to add and edit.

I like to use Canva as an amazing tool to design great images for blog posts, social media and a large variety of documents for my business. You can also download the app on your phone and create marketing content on the go!

This is one of those great tools for website investors where it helps you to create great call to actions (CTA’s). Which can help to build your customer base far quicker and also increase your sales dramatically, just by having simple and easily built call to action for different areas and pieces of content on your website.


You can’t be online 24/7 sharing posts right, tweeting and conducting all your social media marketing because you do need to have a life. The cool thing about HootSuite is it allows you to schedule your posts and tweets to go out live on your social media platforms whilst you are out having a drink with your buddies. Simply a form of working smarter not harder, my favorite type of formula. Be sure to check it out to get all your social media posts done in one short time frame and be sent out at whatever date or time you like.

Google Keyword Planner

If you haven’t heard of the Google Keyword Planner you have lots to learn. This free marketing tool has been around for a long time where I even think it was the first keyword research too for online marketers. Anytime you are looking to find good keywords to rank your site well, check out the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Mail Chimp

The best way to build your business and highly optimize conversions from website visitors, is to capture their email and build an email list. To do this you can use Mail Chimp, which is what I like to use to capture emails from my website visitors when I provide something valuable to them. Like my 6 Exclusive Secrets To Buying Online Businesses Report. The cool thing is, once you have a list of people it is far easy to start marketing and converting sales via email.

What are some great free marketing tools you use or have used for your online business that would be beneficial for other readers too?

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