Are Passive Income Websites Really A Waste Of Time

Are Passive Income Websites Really A Waste Of Time?

I was Googling passive income websites just the other day and I came across one of the best-written posts I have read in a very long time on Why Passive Income Sites Are A Waste Of Time.

I must admit I liked the post because it was all about passive income websites and since it was explaining that they are a waste of time, of course I had to read it right, how could I not? This blog post was jeopardizing my career as an online business investment coach.

But as I continued to read, I found the words nothing but refreshing because this post was spot on! I couldn’t have written the post better myself really.

But enough of talking about the post and more on what information was actually in this post and how I connected with it on such a high level. And although there were no faults in the post, there would be one little thing I would personally add to the post, but I will explain that in the coming sentences.

Basically, the post was explaining all about how much hard work passive income websites really are. As the writer went on to explain I realized he was talking all about building passive income websites. Which, I could totally relate to since I have built my own websites before, and the initial work in doing so is not just exceedingly hard but a long journey. Let alone the start up costs if you are trying to build the website as quickly as possible.

However one thing the writer didn’t touch on was that not all passive income websites are a waste of time. I could agree that a lot of them are if you are to build them up from scratch yourself. After all we can’t argue with the facts being 90% of all start-ups fail, so it is quite true that most really are a waste of time.

In saying that though, do we really need to build passive income websites to earn passive income?

Well admittedly, just like the author. I thought that was the best way to earn passive income online too. Obviously until I discovered it was far easier to buy online businesses instead of building them.

In this post the argument was that passive income websites in reality are hard work and that most of the time we don’t know what we are getting in to. Which I agree, although there is a smarter way, where you don’t need to build a passive income stream, instead you can just buy one!

Because the author is spot on here, building a passive income website is bloody hard work! More than even I as a full time hustler never thought would be so hard, but alas it is.

With that though, if we work smarter and not hard we can reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work and buy an already built online business that is earning passive income. Which is what I started to do and it worked for me.

Sure I had to research and learn how to buy an online business and there is a slight bit of maintenance needed for each site to maintain, however that too can be outsourced. Meaning if you really want to, you can earn passive income and sit back on the beach.

Actually right now as I type this I am in Mexico, by the beach and surfing everyday. I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you all this because the author is right. Building a business, any business is hard!

Buying one isn’t super easy either, but you can do it and you can earn passive income with very little work, you just need to work smarter and not harder. So next time you want to earn money online, put your thinking cap on instead of blindly going after something that could be more effort than you need to exert for your goals.

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