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Hosted by Jaryd Krause, the founder of Buying Online Businesses, this podcast will unfold the secrets as you explore the highs, lows and light bulb moments of his personal journey

In each episode, he will show you that an alternate lifestyle is more than possible. You will get to gain the knowledge, experiences and great success through purchasing online businesses and he will be teaching people how they can do the same.

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BOB Podcast Ep 013 – EmpireFlippers Founder Joe Magnotti Shares What First Time Website Buyers Should Know Before Investing

In this podcast episode, we have Mr. Joe Magnotti who is the CEO and founder Of EmpireFlipper (EF), one of the most extensive website brokers online selling over $70M worth of websites. They are one of the 500 Inc companies three years in a row and have a multiple international business broker awards.
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BOB Podcast EP 012 – What NOT To Do After Buying Your First Online Business

And in this episode, we talked about what NOT to do AFTER you bought your first online business. And there's so many mistakes that people make and to be able to not self-destruct your business, we dig deeper and talk about:
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BOB Podcast EP 011 – How To Flip Websites With Richard Patey

In this special episode, I will share the stage to a very special man who's been in the space of making money online for over a decade now, Mr. Richard Patey, from and his podcast, Flippping Websites.
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BOB Podcast EP 010: Website Brokers VS Marketplaces

In this episode, Charley and I talked about a topic that is gaining more popularity nowadays, website brokers versus marketplaces. We discussed why it is better to buy from one versus the other, depending on your journey when it comes to buying websites.
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BOB Podcast EP 009: How To Finance Buying Your First Website Business

In this powerful episode, Charley and I talked about How To Finance Buying Your First Website Business. We will discuss extensively how to have financial freedom and live the lifestyle you want by buying online businesses or different investments.
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BOB Podcast Ep 008: How To Grow The Online Business You Just Bought With Kim Barrett

In this episode, I will be talking with the founder of Your Social Voice, Mr. Kim Barrett, who is a world-renowned marketer, author and digital marketing master who generated over $15 million in revenue. We will discuss How To Grow Your Newly Acquired Online Business to get a higher return on your investment. We will identify not just the low hanging fruit of the business, but also the jam you can use to push your business to get a higher return. Stay tuned to this episode because we will give you the great marketing tactics and strategies, not just on buying your first online business, or second or third, but also on how to grow it.
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BOB Podcast Ep 007: What Makes A Good Website Investor (For Beginners) With Adam Bebe

In this very special episode, I get to speak with Adam Beebe, Senior Broker of Latona's Website Brokers where they sell 5, 6, 7 and even up to 8 figure businesses! We talked about what makes a good website investor for beginners. We also explored the reason that drew Adam to the space of buying and selling websites. How do you become an attractive website buyer and be successful in buying websites? What is the biggest mistake buyers make and what they should have done differently?
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BOB Podcast Ep 006: Charley’s Experience Buying A $2.5k per Month Website

In this exciting episode, Charley shares his experience on an investment where he sealed a deal for a $2.5 thousand per month website. How to know if a business is for you or not? What are the things he learned in the process of doing his due diligence? What are the highlights he went through in the whole process of buying this business? What everybody else, who's doing this, should be looking out for as well?
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BOB Podcast Ep 005: Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison Explains Where Beginner Website Investors Should Start

Today's very special guest is the Flippa CEO, Mr. Blake Hutchison, who runs the biggest online marketplace for buying and selling website businesses. In this episode, we are going to talk about: the ins and out on where should a beginner website Investors Start, how to do great due diligence, determining the returns from buying websites, and where his whole industry of buying online businesses is headed.
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BOB Podcast EP 004: Mistakes We ALL Make When Buying Businesses

In this episode, Charley and I shared the absolute key to go away and talk about Mistakes We ALL Make When Buying Websites. How can mistakes be destructive to us as investors? How important is cross referencing financials to ensure the solidity of the business? What GREAT questions you should prepare before speaking to the seller of the business? Why is it important not to sell ourselves into an investment which could set you back significantly? These questions will be answered in this episode, so sit back and listen before you start investing in websites.
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