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The Power Of Buying Membership Websites & How They Work

Through my years of learning how websites actually worked, I knew that when I decided to start investing in websites, buying membership websites would be the first type of website on my radar.

The reason for this is I learnt how incredibly powerful membership websites can be for putting passive income in your pocket for doing little to no work. I learnt buying membership websites is one of the most lucrative website investments you could ever make and I want to explain why.

Before I explain to you just why buying membership websites are so great, I first must describe to you how the membership website model works and makes money. Then you will be on the same page as me and be able to see the real opportunities that buying membership websites bring.

To start off with, membership websites are simply websites in which people come along and pay a membership fee to access either digital information like music, audiobooks, ebooks, images and digital lessons in any format. These types of websites for example are like, Spotify and ect.

The other type of membership websites is for people who are subscribing to online software programs, like and accounting software for businesses, stock trading software, management or email servicing software. Whatever the software is, it’s basically an online tool that helps an individual or a business some way or another.

So basically that is what these types of websites are. But why do they make for such amazing investments and why is buying membership websites something that I hold in high regard?

Because when you buy a membership website generally all the work is in setting it up, which means most membership websites for sale will already be set up where not a whole lot of work is needed, except for the odd bit of maintenance.

Nor is there a lot of work in customer support since when the members sign up, they do whatever they wish with their product or service and most of their questions can be answered by a simply FAQ page. Sure some membership websites may need customer support although this is a very easy job to outsource.

However it gets better, and that is because membership websites have people paying a monthly (usually monthly) subscription/fee, the owner of the website gets an automated income every single month without having to make more sales on the website.

Where this becomes incredibly powerful as I mentioned early, is when you have just 100 people paying a $30 monthly subscription for example, that is $3000 of income every month! But if a website is to have 1000 subscribers at $30 per month, that is a whopping $30,000 per month worth of income. Absolutely amazing right, especially when you start buying membership websites that don’t have a whole lot of work to maintain since most of the work is done for you when it’s built. This allows you to have one of the most lucrative website investments you could ever get.

This my friends is the power of membership websites and why I believe they are incredible investments. Of course you need to do your own research to find a good one and conduct some rigorous due diligence just like when you are to invest in anything. But when you find something that looks right and could work well for you as a membership website, it is like hitting the jackpot!




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