Why ONLY professionals Buy Niche Websites

If you are a website investor and don’t know what it means to buy niche websites, you are already getting left behind.

And the key reason you are getting left behind is because the websites you are investing in are sucky websites that everybody else owns already. That is unless of course your website has something unique compared to the competition which sets it apart. Which I personally know is hard to find since being in this business many years.

But, for those of you who are just starting out in buying online businesses, or want to learn more. Let me share with you just why the professionals buy niche websites.

You see there are many websites out there for sale, but the fact is that many of them are just copycats of other businesses. Which is fine, because those businesses can still make some money. Although if you are already going to buy a website for passive income why would you not buy niche websites where your competition is limited?

Because competition can ruing everything for a business! Which, is the key reason professionals buy niche websites. It’s simply because they just do not want to have to deal with the competition saturating the market.

For example if you buy a website selling health products like diet pills (stupid idea in my opinion), or even a website selling good health product such as vitamins. You are just competing with every other business out there that sell these types of things. And lets face it, unless you are loaded and buying ‘Amway’ that is a billion dollar business. You are competing with far to many bigger and more established brands where you will be fighting for customers. And why would you do that to yourself?

Instead become a professional and buy niche websites. You want to be using your head here, remember “work smarter, not harder”. Start looking for website that are in a new market, a market that you can establish your own name and authority in.


The other key reason professionals buy niche websites is because when it comes to advertising they can focus on advertising to just that one small particular group of people in which are there customers.

To put this into perspective for you, lets use the health products websites as an example. Say when it comes to marketing health products for your website, you are marketing to every young, old, fat, skinny, American, Australian or anybody in the world who wants to be healthier right. Which can cost a lot in marketing. But if you buy a niche website that sells a revolutionary type of guitar string that does not break, you only have to market to people who play guitar. Which I can guarantee you is far less people than those who want to loose weight.

So I think you get my point here, if you are to buy a niche website your chances of growing that business bigger and better is far higher than if you are to follow the crowd and buy something many other people own.

Be unique, be different, study up and become a wise online business investor.

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