Ep 138: Rank #1 on Google Without SEO with Lacy Boggs

Search engine optimisation or SEO is crucial to increasing your blog’s traffic, visibility, and reach. The problem is, it is not for everyone.

If you’re an online business owner or content creator who spends a lot of time decoding the perfect keywords, then let me tell you this: you can outrank your competitors even without SEO!

Here on the podcast is Lacy Boggs of LacyBoggs.com and The Content Direction Agency to talk about why SEO is not enough to get you ranked one on Google, the good and bad strategies in content creation, and how to speak your customer’s language. 

Learn the know-hows of crushing your website with just one great piece of quality content. Click the play button now!  

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Episode Highlights

  1. Why writing for your audience is important [5:20]
  2. Writing your content vs. writing someone else’s content [9:34]
  3. The good and bad strategies in content creation [16:07]
  4. How to gain audiences to your blog [20:19]
  5. Affiliate marketing strategies [22:16]
  6. Quantity vs. quality content [24:54]
  7. How to speak the customer’s language [28:51]

About Our Guest

Lacy Boggs is the director and the content marketing strategist of The Content Direction Agency. She helps online businesses to create thoughtful, valuable, and essential content. She also creates an editorial calendar and content strategy that’s aligned with her client’s business goals and provides the resources they need to make it happen.

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