How To Replace Your Income And Never Work Again

How To Replace Your Income And Never Work Again

It seems like a dream, to replace your income and never have to work again right? Though do you want to know the one thing you need to do in order to stop that dream only being a dream and instead make it reality?

Set Goals!

That is right, anybody who wants to replace their income and never work again needs to take that dream and break it down into goals and then break those goals down and into actually actionable steps (called Smart Goals). Once breaking those goals down into actionable steps, creating a to-do-list filled with these steps will allow you to priorities these steps towards accomplishing your goals. This is the recipe to creating and living a life on your terms and literally living your dream.

How do I know this?

Not to toot my own horn here, because I tell you this with the utmost humility. I know this because I am living my dream right now! Not just today, but this very second as I type out this post on my laptop in the Amazonian Jungle in Ecuador.

That’s right, I dreamt to travel the world and make money online. And probably just like the dream you have now, you may not know how to achieve your goals yet even to a point where it may seem so damn impossible. My dream was the same, I knew nothing about the internet, let alone how to make money from it.

But I stuck my head down, and wrote out my goals. The first step was to learn as much as I could about the internet and how websites were making money. As I learnt I grew, and as I grew I understood more and more to a point where my goals changed from just wanting to make money online, to be able to earn enough to cover my expenses whilst travelling the world. (Side Note – Changing your goals as you evolve is not just good but essential to thrive.)

I know you are probably thinking, yea but there is something missing. It can’t be that simple, to just set goals and take action on them. Let me tell you IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Life doesn’t have to be complicated. We only make it complicated because we like the drama in our lives, it makes us feel alive. Instead of confusing yourself, I urge you to take your dreams, write them down on paper and work backwards to creating actionable steps that you can start working on today to reach your dream lifestyle.

For me it first started by simply setting goals and reading. Through what I learnt it lead me to a path where I started gaining knowledge and experience in buying websites. The more I learnt the more I realized how possible it would be to buy a website that could completely replace my income as a plumber in order to never need to work again. Pretty cool right!

People are setting there goals and learning the skills to do this each day and they are following through and actually changing their lives in ways that have far exceeded their dreams. People just like me and people just like you. Why should you be the one that has to work day in day out to feed, cloth and shelter yourself and family when other people have it so much easier?

The answer is, you don’t have to! And you of know this is possible because other average joes are doing it. You know that life can better and that life is what you make it right. We all know this saying “life is what you make it” but not many people choose to make it good which baffles me.

You know that it is possible to replace your income and never have to work again to make a living. The only thing that is stopping you is grabbing your dream, writing it down on paper and working backwards to create actionable steps to fulfil all your wildest dreams.

For those of you who a dreamers like myself, I urge you to start setting goals and taking action on them right away. Your dream lifestyle is just around the corner and before you know it you will be living the life you once imagined.

In the comment box below, who knows the power of setting goals and what have you achieved (little or big, within or without website investing) just by setting goals and sticking to them?


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