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Do you have an online business you want to sell?

We have a large group of hungry and active buyers wanting to buy your business.

Hungry Buyers

We have a thriving group of educated online business buyers who are cashed up and hungry to buy your online business. If you want to put your business in front of real buyers, this is your chance.

Lowest success fee ever!

You'll never be charged a listing fee. If you sell your business to one of our community members we have a small 5% success fee to cover admin purposes. We have opened up this opportunity for you to sell your businesses so we can provide a better service to our buyers, hence why we are far cheaper than any broker or marketplace.

Fast Sale

Our community members are well trained in online business due diligence. They are well versed in the process of buying an online business which makes the selling process simple, effective and fast.

Why Sell To Us At Buying Online Businesses?

Jaryd Krause founder of Buying Online Businesses started growing a community of online business buyers back in 2016 where he teaches people how to buy website businesses and scale them.

There are hundreds of active members in the group buying, selling and scaling 5, 6 and 7 figure online businesses.

Jaryd has sold multiple businesses to his buyers through private sellers wanting to sell their businesses.
If you are serious about selling your online business we have cashed up buyers who are ready to pull the trigger on the right deal.

Submit Your Business To Us

Do you have an online business?

One of our business buyers may be interested in buying your business.

Even if you are just wanting to test the waters to see if people are interested in purchasing your business, reach out and let's have a friendly chat.
We have interested buyers looking to purchase 5,6 & 7 figure online businesses.

Trusted Business Buyers

Thinking about selling but don't want the whole world (and all our buyers) to know everything about your businesses right out of the gate?

Good because we don't either. In fact every piece of information you share with us about your business is strictly confidential.

You can also use our NDA (non disclosure agreement) to sign between you and potential buyers prior to providing in depth information about your business to ensure full protection of your intellectual property.

If you are after a no fuss, easy sale with full security and protection. Sell to our active group of business buyers. This is not our first rodeo.


Business Criteria

✅ Over 12 months old
✅ Minimum of $300 average net profit per month
✅ Minimum of 20K organic hits per month (unless ecommerce)

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