Their Stories

Jaryd Krause has helped and taught thousands of people to buy online businesses so they can replace their income and spend more time doing what they love, with whom they love.

Here are just some of the success stories from the members in his community.


Michael set out to replace his income as a property manager and build a portfolio of online businesses so he can have more time, freedom, and travel. This is the first business he bought and continues to grow this and his portfolio.


As a professional surgeon Robin wanted to retire and own income producing assets that allowed him more time with friends, family and skiing. Since I met Robin he has retired and bought an excellent business he's now scaling.


The last business Gerardo bought was a restaurant and quickly realised it was not only a time suck, but a costly mistake and setback towards financial independence. Now he bought an online business that is far more passive and loves life!


Being in ministry Patrick has a heart of gold and wanted to provide a better financial future for his family. He bought an online business that he is now scaling, check out how he did it.


Lost his job during the pandemic in 2020 and changed his life through his first business acquisition. He made $150K + buying and doubling the size of the business and then selling it. He has now gone on to become the founder and CEO of a large organization.


He used to be a professional sports player and coach. He is now the proud owner of a large 6 figure content website that he is scaling each month.


Had his fair share of challenges on his journey that he had to overcome when he decided to buy his first website in the BOB Community. He now earns passive income each month from his content website.


Wanting to have children and be an at-home mom, Angelica still wants to be able to keep work-balance while having an online business. Turning to buying established online businesses helped her reach that goal without additional work and stress.

Matt & Ashling

This couple from the US who are members of the BOB community just recently bought their first content website that is earning over $3K+ per month within a few months of being in the community!

Andrel & Kryzia

From buying properties, Andrel and Kryzia, a power couple from Edmonton, Canada in our BOB community, bought their first online business earning them an extra $1300 a month!


Trevor started buying websites with a simple goal in mind. Pay his rent! However, it is not that simple. He shares valuable lessons he learned, what the right kind of mindset first-time buyers would need. And how he was able to buy a website that pays his bills.

Matthew Fraser

Automate to Sell’s Matthew Fraser talks about his journey towards achieving that $1.5 million profit per month working with Jaryd Krause who helped take his business from 7 figures to 8 figures.


He knew nothing about buying online businesses and working with Jaryd changed his life. From his tradie roots as a plumber he moving interstate and bought an online business earning him an extra $3K per month.


A first-time website business buyer, shares his story on buying his first online business venture and succeeding on his first try in a span of six months!


Finally decided to buy his first website in the sports niche. Since then, his cost per conversion has dropped by $10 and has been growing exceedingly well amidst a pandemic.


Initially reluctant to go on a website business journey, Jeff made a breakthrough by buying his first website business. In just a span of six months, he was able to to go from $0 - $2400 per month in passive income and well on his way to quitting his day job.

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