Make Money Taking Surveys

Can You Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

You’ve probably heard about making money from online surveys, but is it a genuine income source or just hype? In this article, we’re diving into this topic, unpicking truth from fiction.

We’ll explore potential earnings, time commitments, pros, and cons. Plus, we’ll shed light on top survey sites and share tips to boost your income.

So, stick around if you’re intrigued to see if your survey hobby could grow into a reliable source of additional income!

Key Takeaways

  • Making money from online surveys is possible, but the profitability depends on the survey sites you use, time investment, and your demographic profile.
  • To boost your earnings, join multiple legitimate survey platforms, complete your profiles thoroughly, and utilize referral programs.
  • Swagbucks is a popular choice due to its variety of tasks and low payout threshold.
  • Branded Surveys is known for its quick payouts and various redemption options.
  • MyPoints offers a diverse range of surveys and a lower payout threshold compared to many other sites.
  • LifePoints provides flexibility in the length and reward of surveys and allows donations to charities.
  • Survey Junkie stands out for its speedy payouts and user-friendly interface.
  • Toluna offers daily engagement with relevant topics and unique rewards like Bitcoin.
  • Ipsos i-Say allows purchasing merchandise with reward points but has a slower payout process.

Are Paid Online Surveys Profitable?

On the surface, the concept seems straightforward: you make money taking surveys in your free time. But is it as simple and lucrative as it appears? Let’s delve into the details to uncover the reality.

Firstly, the profitability of paid online surveys depends mainly on the survey sites that pay. Some sites offer higher rewards than others, so choosing wisely is important to maximize your earnings. However, don’t be fooled by sites promising exorbitant amounts; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Taking surveys won’t earn you as much as flipping websites.

Secondly, the time you’re willing to invest is a crucial factor. These surveys often require a substantial amount of time and attention. If you view it as a way to earn extra cash, ensure you have enough free time to dedicate.

Finally, the demographic you fall into may affect the number and type of surveys you receive. Some companies target specific age groups, locations, or professions.


How to Maximize Earnings From Surveys?

To maximize your survey earnings, diversify your sources and join multiple legitimate survey platforms. This approach increases your chances of finding a wider variety of surveys to take, thus boosting your potential to make extra money online. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – spread them across various paid survey sites.

Next, take the time to complete your profiles thoroughly on these platforms. Detailed profiles help survey sites match you with relevant surveys you’re more likely to qualify for and complete. The more surveys you’re eligible for, the more you can maximize earnings.

You should also try to utilize referral programs offered by many survey sites. Inviting friends and family to join can earn additional bonuses, further boosting your income. It’s a win-win situation; they get an opportunity to take paid surveys, and you reap the benefits from spreading the word about the platform.

But how do you know which survey platforms are worth your while? How can you tell the legitimate ones from the scams?

Well, research is your best friend here. To make it easier for you to start earning, let’s delve into some of the top survey sites that are recognized and trusted worldwide!


Swagbucks Is Among the Best Survey Sites

Sign-Up Bonus$10
Average Payout Per Survey$0.40-$2
Payment MethodsPayPal or Gift Cards
Min. Cash-Out Amount$1 for Gift Cards, $5 for PayPal
Trustpilot Rating4.3/5.0
swagbucks survey page

One of the top sites you can use to earn money from legit surveys is Swagbucks, which offers various ways to rack up points, or SBs. This prominent market research company platform allows you to earn rewards beyond just taking surveys. You can also watch videos, play games, and shop online. You can also get points by referring friends and family to the site.

When you take surveys that pay on Swagbucks, you’re helping to provide valuable data for businesses while making some extra money. The minimum threshold to get paid is relatively low, at just 100 SBs or $1. You can receive your payout through a PayPal deposit, but Swagbucks also pays in gift cards or even through a donation to a charity of your choice.

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy instant payout here – the average wait ranges from 1 to 5 days. So, while you can earn money quickly, receiving it might take a little longer. But if you’re looking to supplement your income with minimal effort, Swagbucks presents a viable option. The variety of tasks and low payout threshold make it a popular choice for many.

Branded Surveys Lets You Take Surveys That Pay Out Quickly

Sign-Up Bonus100 points
Average Payout Per Survey$0.50-$3
Payment MethodsBank Transfer, PayPal, or Gift Card
Min. Cash-Out Amount500 Points ($5)
Trustpilot Rating4.3/5.0
branded surveys landing page

If you’re seeking a reliable survey platform, Branded Surveys is definitely one of the best sites to consider. This platform, previously known as Mintvine, has a reputation for its fast processing times and a wide variety of payout options. As a participant, you answer surveys, earn points, and redeem those points for cash or gift cards.

The process for using Branded Surveys is relatively straightforward:

  • Register on the site.
  • Start answering surveys to build up your points balance.
  • You need to earn 1,000 points (equivalent to $10) to reach the minimum payout threshold.

Notably, Branded Surveys is among the quickest-paying survey sites around. It only takes 1-2 days for the money to transfer to your bank account, making it an appealing option if you’re looking to earn cash rapidly.

Branded Surveys offers several ways to redeem your points. You can opt for a direct bank transfer, called Branded Pay, or choose from a variety of gift cards. Alternatively, you can have the funds sent to your PayPal account.

Mypoints Offers a Wide Range of Activities

Sign-up Bonus$10 Amazon Gift Card
Average Payout per Survey$0.50-$5
Payment MethodsPAYPAL or Gift Cards
Min. Cash-Out Amount$5
Trustpilot Rating4.4/5.0
MyPoints landing page

While MyPoints is owned by the same company as Swagbucks, the major similarities end here. MyPoints surveys are diverse, covering everything from fashion to travel to home and even garden-related topics. Each survey typically takes about 10 minutes of your time. In addition to paid surveys, you can also earn money online by participating in other site activities, such as reading emails, shopping online, playing games, and watching videos.

One commendable aspect of MyPoints is its relatively low payout threshold. You only need to accumulate 700 points, equivalent to around $5, before you can redeem your earnings. This means you can start enjoying your hard-earned gift cards and PayPal money sooner than on many other sites.

However, keep in mind that money from the PayPal payment option takes 4-5 days to arrive in your account. Despite this slight delay, MyPoints remains a viable option if you want to make money taking surveys.

LifePoints Offers Great Flexibility

Sign-Up Bonus10 points
Average Payout Per Survey$0.50-$1
Payment MethodsPayPal, Gift Cards, or Charitable Donation
Min. Cash-Out Amount$5
Trustpilot Rating2.8/5.0
LifePoints Landing page

You’ll find that LifePoints, a veteran in the survey industry since 1946, offers numerous opportunities to earn points, which you can convert into gift cards, PayPal cash, or even donate to charities. By taking surveys, you can earn extra cash or accumulate points for your favorite brands.

LifePoints conducts surveys on a wide array of topics. You could be asked about your views on:

  • Fitness
  • Wellness trends
  • Food
  • Dining preferences
  • Travel
  • Entertainment experiences

The beauty of LifePoints is its flexibility. Surveys vary in length and reward, ranging from quick 1-2 point mini-surveys to in-depth 30-minute surveys worth up to 150 points. This allows you to choose the kind of commitment you want to make.

Once you’ve earned at least 550 points, you can start cashing out for gift cards or PayPal transfers. However, if you’re not interested in monetary rewards, Lifepoints also allows you to donate your points to charities. In essence, doing surveys using the  LifePoints platform can be both profitable and socially responsible.

Survey Junkie Is a Proven Choice

Sign-Up BonusNone
Average Payout Per Survey$1-$3
Payment MethodsPayPal, Bank Transfer, or Gift Card
Min. Cash-Out Amount500 Points ($5)
Trustpilot Rating4.4/5.0
Survey Junkie landing page

Survey Junkie stands out for its speedy payouts and user-friendly interface. To begin your Survey Junkie adventure, you’ll need to sign up and share some demographic details. This helps Survey Junkie match you with suitable surveys.

For every survey you complete, you’ll be rewarded points. Every 100 points equate to $1. As most surveys on Survey Junkie pay between $1 to $3, building up an attractive sum is often easier than on competitor sites.

Once you’ve accumulated 500 points, or $5, you can cash out. This is a lower threshold compared to many other sites, making it quicker to see the fruits of your labor.

Your payout options include bank transfers, PayPal, or gift cards, giving you flexibility. If you choose PayPal, you can be paid within 24 hours. Bank transfers, on the other hand, take 3-4 days.

Survey Junkie’s legit status and quick payouts make it an attractive choice for those wanting to earn from surveys.

Toluna Offers Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

Sign-Up Bonus500 points
Average Payout Per Survey$1-$5
Payment MethodsPayPal or Gift Cards
Min. Cash-Out Amount$10
Trustpilot Rating2.7/5.0
toluna influencers landing page

Once you open Toluna, you’re greeted with an array of daily surveys and games that both pay and keep you engaged with relevant topics. Unlike other survey websites, Toluna offers a unique blend of entertainment and earning potential, where points for completing surveys aren’t the only reward.

Toluna stands out in three distinct ways:

  • Surveys that pay money instantly: Once you’ve accumulated 30,000 points, equivalent to $10, you can cash out via PayPal or e-gift cards.
  • Online polls: Besides surveys, Toluna also offers paid online polls, which is a quick way to earn points.
  • Bitcoin rewards: Yes, you read it right. Toluna offers Bitcoin as a reward. Accumulate just over 100,000 points and earn around $30 in Bitcoin.

The daily engagement with relevant topics, reliable cash payments, and the opportunity to earn Bitcoin make Toluna a preferred choice for those who want surveys that pay cash instantly!

Ipsos i-Say Gives Lightning-Fast Surveys

Average Payout Per Survey$0.10-$1
Payment MethodPayPal, Gift Cards, and Prepaid Debit Cards
Min. Cash-Out Amount$5
Trustpilot Rating1.9/5.0
Ipsos i-Say landing page

If you’re more interested in a platform that allows you to purchase merchandise with your reward points, Ipsos i-Say might be worth considering. This platform provides an easy way to make money fast, with a variety of surveys available that pay between $.10 and $1. Most surveys take 10 minutes or less to complete!

However, the payout process might be slower than you’d like. While the threshold for gift cards is only 500 points, or $5, you’ll need to accumulate 1,500 points for PayPal payouts. Unfortunately, Ipsos i-Say can take 3-4 weeks to pay out via PayPal, meaning that gift cards might be your default payment mechanism if speed is a priority.


Taking online surveys can provide extra income, but it’s crucial to approach them with realistic expectations. The payout per survey isn’t high, and the time commitment required can be considerable. However, you can maximize your earnings by choosing reliable platforms and diversifying your sources.

Remember, paid surveys won’t replace a full-time job, but they can be a valuable addition to your income stream. Whether you’re saving for a special occasion or looking for a way to offset minor expenses, taking paid surveys can be an effective strategy.

So why wait? Dive into the world of paid online surveys and start earning today. Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to boosting your income. Happy surveying!

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