charley valher


BOB Podcast EP 002: Should You Buy One or Multiple Sites? (with Charley Valher)

In this exciting episode, Charley and I will be talking about “Should you buy 1 or multiple websites when building an online business”.

Why can having too many businesses cause destruction? At what stage in your portfolio should you buy another business? What do we learn from owning multiple businesses and what should we be focusing on during the different phases of your online business journey?


BOB Podcast EP 001: Why Buying an Online Business is Better than Starting from Scratch

We are so lucky to have someone like Charley Valher as a guest in our first episode. Charley is a renowned business owner, educator and one of the key leaders in digital marketing, outsourcing and building joint ventures. In our first episode, Charley and I talked about our personal experiences and learnings to help business owners leverage from what they currently have toward their actual future goals.

When is the best time to buy and sell your online business? How do you know which websites are profitable to buy? How do you steer away from all the drama and tedious work that comes with starting a business from scratch?

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