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Why I love talking to website sellers

When it comes to investing in websites there are many great ways you can learn things, however I find one of the best ways is by simply talking to website sellers.

By doing this you tap into an amazing amount of information just from listening to what they have to say.

This is why after talking to so many website sellers I would like to share with you all the great things that can benefit you on your journey to becoming a better website investor.

These are all things that I have picked up and really like to do, ask and talk about with website sellers to better my knowledge in the website investing world, which you can too.

  1. Listen
    It’s not often that people really listen, I mean sure you can hear what people are talking about but truly listening to the seller will help you to understand and learn far more. To do this, I really try and put myself in the seller’s shoes and understand exactly what he is talking about by listening with intent.With intent to totally comprehend what the seller is saying, which helps me to better understand about how that particular business works. I find this is crucial because after talking to website sellers, you don’t want to hang up and realize that you don’t even remember what the seller has said. So listening with intent is key to understand how the business works.
  2. You Receive Knowledge
    The coolest thing I like about talking to website sellers is that when you truly listen you start to pick up on things that the seller has done to build up with website business.All those little things are great pieces of information you can use even if you don’t end up buying the website from that particular seller. Some of these techniques you pick up on may just work on any business you already own or one in which you are looking to purchase in the future.
  3. Inspirational Ideas Are Born
    Often website sellers are very knowledgeable in how online businesses are ran and especially how their own online business works. By talking to website sellers you get a better grasp on what has worked for them and what has not, which can help you to create inspirational ideas that you can implement in your own online business investment.
    Little tips and tricks that shouldn’t go un-noticed.Often through talking to website sellers is the only way to learn those strategies that can work for almost any online business. Strategies that may not be readily taught anywhere else.
  1. Ask Questions
    If you are looking to invest in a website it would be quite silly of you to not ask questions about how the business works. This is by far the most important thing you should be doing when talking to website sellers as it will not only help you to understand how the website you are looking at investing in works. But you can also learn techniques which you could implement in other businesses for yourself.Which is just one of those ways of extracting knowledge like I mentioned before. This can all happen by asking the seller specific questions in which you want answers too. For example, what has worked in marketing and what has not worked and why? I find that among many great questions, just a simple question like that can really help you to achieve great results in many other websites you may acquire on your investing journey.
  2. Take Notes
    If you are to put these aspects I have mentioned above all together and then take notes on everything that is said throughout your call with the seller. You should be able to walk away with one of the most educational pieces of information about how a certain type of website works, why and how you could implement some of those techniques on other investments you may have now or in the future.Taking notes is incredibly powerful since you can always look back on them at a later time and digest. Which can be very important especially if you are looking to proceed and invest in in that particular website or one similar.

It’s quite clear that with just one talk with one website seller among many others, you can learn an amazing amount of things. This is why I suggest never to get scared about getting on the phone and talking to sellers, as a matter of fact the more calls you do the better! After all it is free education with people who have already succeeded in what you are looking to achieve, so get out there and start calling.





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