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Teaching Website Investors To Sit, Fetch & Roll Over

When it comes to teaching website investors the steps in which they need to take for investing in websites, really is quite simple. But the trick is to not complicate it too much.

As humans we always believe things are far more complicated than they actually are. Which is why I have these 3 simple steps when teaching website investors how the can get started.

This is a simplified way where they can totally understand what is required of them at all times and provides them something to take action on. So if they want to actively be investing in websites, they can always have something to do.

I have broken these 3 steps down into something so simple; you can relate it to coaching your dog. These three simple steps are Sit, Fetch and Roll Over, but now let me explain to you exactly what each step entails.

This is the most basic step of all, and although you may be ‘sitting’ it still requires some work from you as an investor. The work that is required is to simply sit down, educate yourself as much as possible on investing in websites (Check out my blog for that) and watch the market.

The idea in this step is to be patient, watch the market, study up and learn. By this I mean patiently learn what you need to, start to look at the market on what type of websites are out there and available and also learn what the market is doing.

When you look at the market try and understand how the buying and selling works, once you have done this, you are ready to move on to the next simple step.

If you haven’t worked it out from the name of this step already, what you need to do here is start fetching and hustling to find websites that are worthy to invest in.

You would have already sat patiently learning, watching and observing the market, hopefully taking notes as you go. And since you have done that, fetching is all about hunting down that one great website that is an investment worthy of your time and money.

Roll Over
Just like a dog you can choose to roll one way or the other. But the difference between rolling one way or the other as a website investor, can determine your success or failure.

Meaning, since you have done some sitting and fetching and know all about investing in websites. Once you have found a website you are at a cross road trying to determine which way to roll can be very tough.

Teaching website investors this step is the toughest because it is where you learn to either roll one way or the other. One way being invest, the other way holding on to your cash for a better investment. And the only way can make this decision is by conducting your due diligence on the website you have at hand.
So there you have it, Sit down, watch learn and understand, fetch some online businesses and keep an eye on the good ones. Finally roll over by either taking action and investing in the website or rolling over and starting to fetch again.

More often than not, when I am teaching website investors they will never or at best hardly ever come back and sit like they were first taught. This can be dangerous because, whilst they are out there fetching and rolling over, there are some things that they may have forgotten when the were once sitting down and learning. So coming back to the first step of sitting really helps investors to refine their skills, which essential is something that should not ever be forgotten.

I hope you found this post helpful and informative and if you would like to learn more about investing in online businesses for passive income. I invite you to check out my free training webinar where you can learn so much more about buying online businesses, check it out by clicking this link.

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