EP 90 (Mindset Series Part 1) – The One Thing That Every Website Investor Has That You Don’t

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Wonder how successful people make choices that get them the results they want?

Today is Part 1 of my four-part “Mindset Series” intended to help website business buyers and investors in their business or life journey, achieve their end-goals, and have an overall better life. In this episode, we focus solely on the power of having a vision and realising it.

Tune in to this episode and learn the secret to success!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The one thing all successful website investors have in common [02:29]
  2. Why people often don’t value having a vision [03:31]
  3. How I came to realise the value of having a vision [05:50]
  4. Where your focus goes, energy flows [08:14]
  5. Don’t expect your vision to realise itself without you manufacturing it [09:34]
  6. Keep thinking about your vision and turn it into a routine [10:49]
  7. Successful people spend time visualising their goals [12:29]

About the Host:

Jaryd Krause is the host of the ‘Buying Online Businesses’ podcast. As an online business mentor & entrepreneur, he helps people buy online businesses and websites and ultimately quit their job so they can have more business freedom. The knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the years are what catapulted him into becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

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