How I Buy And Renovate Websites To Give Me An Automated Income And A Life Of Freedom

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Thursday 18th August 2016

5:00PM – Pacific Time
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Hi, I’m Jaryd Krause, and on this live, 60-minute webinar I’ll show you how I was able to quit my Job, work LESS and earn MORE by Buying Online Businesses.

I believe that buying and renovating websites is THE best way to grow an investment portfolio – better than real estate, better than stocks, and way better than money in the bank. So far from all the websites I’ve bought, I’ve averaged a 75% annual return.

Buying websites means buying yourself reliable income streams – without the hassle of a job, and without the risk of starting your own business.
Now I’m prepared to show you how I do it.

On this FREE 60 minute webinar (online seminar) you’ll see:

  • Some of the websites I’ve bought, including one I bought recently which has generated a 171% return – from Day One! That’s right – even before I’ve done any renovation. Try getting a return like that in real estate or the stockmarket.
  • Why I NEVER buy websites from auction sites like Flippa. Trust me on this one – there are far quicker, cheaper, easier ways to find high quality websites at bargain prices. I’ll show you how I find great sites without the hassle of competing with other buyers.
  • My due diligence checklist. This is the checklist I’ve honed and refined over the last few years, that lets me quickly weed out the winners and get rid of the duds. I find that only about 1 in 50 sites that I look at is a winner. You’ll learn my system to quickly and easily pick the best.

Using this system I was able to leave my full time job as a plumbing supervisor on construction sites, and replace my income just 6 months after I started. It takes me only about 45 minutes a day to monitor and grow my portfolio.

And here’s the thing – it’s not rocket science. You don’t need to be a super-techie-geek to do this. I’m certainly not!

On this webinar, I’ll show you the steps I took, the sites I’ve bought, and the money I make, so you can do the same.

At this stage of the game, buying online businesses is a well-kept secret. It’s a really untapped market. Most investors haven’t even considered the power of buying websites yet. By learning my system you’ll be getting in early while there are still bargains to be had. Of course as more buyers enter the market in future years, those of us that get in now will really benefit, as prices are driven up by the extra demand.

And the really great thing? Now that I’m not tied to a job I can travel as much as I want. I’ve been travelling for over 6 years now and don’t have to go home to a tedious job. My work is totally portable. I choose my hours and I choose what I do with my time.

If you love the idea of easily creating a truly freedom-based lifestyle, then don’t miss this free webinar. Places are limited to JUST 100 people, so register now to secure your place.