My Website Flipping Podcast Interview

My Website Flipping Podcast Interview/Experience

When you make a new friend in your field all you want to do is talk, swap ideas, advice and get inspired by each others goals and aspirations.

As I first met my good friend Richard Patey he welcomed me into his world of friends and online entrepreneurship where I too was lucky enough to be featured on his website flipping podcast.

For those of you how know me, a website flipping podcast may not be completely aligned with my website buying strategy. However, this website flipping podcast is not just about flipping websites, but more a discussion on online entrepreneurialism, investing what works for some people and what does not.

Here on this website flipping podcast with Richard we talk about building not just a website portfolio but a complete investment portfolio. From where to invest other than in websites along with what incredible returns website investing actually provides.
Richard and I also talk about how we can build a team without wasting too much time and energy and what I would be investing in TODAY if I wasn’t investing in websites.

Check out my feature on Richard Patey’s website flipping podcast for some insights and advice I have never covered on the blog before!

My Website Flipping Podcast Interview


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