buying and selling websites is unpopular

Why Buying And Selling Websites is Unpopular

Being a website investor, I know that buying and selling websites is unpopular. As a matter of fact it is far from popular!

For example how many people do you know that buy and sell websites for a living? Not many, if any right! But why is this so, especially when you can gain anywhere from 20-40% + return on your investment. In ONE YEAR!

Pretty damn good if you ask me, or any other investor for that matter.

Although despite the great ROI and lifestyle perks of website investing. Seriously, why is it still that buying and selling websites is unpopular?

The answer is, because hardly any body knows that buying website businesses for passive income or to build an investment portfolio even exists! For example, there are not many people talking on the news about the returns they are making through investing in websites. Instead they are talking about the stock market instead.

With good reasons too. Because the stock market has been around for centuries. Where as the website investment market hasn’t been around for long. It only very slowly started to come into existence after the internet became a thing back in the early 1990’s when I was a baby.

Well not so much a baby, but I was still in primary school. Whilst that is besides the point, my point is that because website investing and the internet hasn’t been around very long at all. This is the real reason that buying and selling websites is unpopular.

What does that mean for you and I though?

This means that for those of us who are smart enough to already be in the website investment market or are starting to make moves and educating ourselves how to get started investing in online businesses. We open ourselves up to recently born market with a great big world of opportunity and growth.

My favorite thing about this, and why buying and selling websites is unpopular is because the return on investment that is being made right now in the market is in my opinion phenomenal.

Though not for long.

The more the internet grows and the more people start to click on that buying and selling websites is unpopular and there are big bucks to be made. People are going to start diversifying their portfolios and flocking to the website investment market to get a piece of the pie.

Just like any new market that emerges, the people who get involved earlier on in the piece are those who walk away with the best returns. This is why I am teaching the stuff, teaching people how to get starting investing in online businesses whilst the market is still in it’s infant years where you and I can become seriously involved and earn a decent return on our investments. Before of course the market becomes flooded with more investment dollars forcing the prices of these online businesses up and diminishing returns.

Right now, whilst buying and selling websites is unpopular we are in what they call in investing terms a buyers market. Pretty soon, and don’t quote me on when, there will be a tipping point where in my prediction many more people will start to clue on to this whole website investing thing. When this happens the roles will reverse thus creating a sellers market where buying and selling websites will not be so unpopular anymore.

My suggestion, if you are looking to get involved before something like this happens. Start educating yourself now on how you can begin to make a move and buy your own website investment/s.

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