Why do I buy dropship websites

Why do I buy dropship websites?

I have been investing in online business for a while now and although there are many different types of websites I could buy, I like to buy dropship websites.

Dropship websites are my favorite type of online business, they are my bread and butter now. They are the little money trees that allow me to live my life on my own terms.

I would have to say though, the biggest reasons I buy dropship websites, is because they are just so easy to run and build. Where they require the least amount of risk of almost any online business model.

This is because the customer orders from your website before you even purchase the stock. Meaning you get paid first and then you go and buy the product at wholesale and keep the difference, pretty cool right!

Another cool thing why I like to buy dropship websites is because the whole process can be automated and depending on which platform the website is built on will depend on how easy you can automate the process. Although I do find with technology these days and how fast web development is actually developing. There are always ways to automate a dropship website or usually any online business for that matter.

For me, it is a far smarter way to go about business online because just by automating things, can cut costs in many areas of you business which come to think of it, I should write about how to automate you online business investment in a whole separate blog post (it’s coming).

However, for a little bit of background history for you and something you may want to take into account is. I first initially started to buy dropship websites because I knew how they worked. I had built my own dropship website, done a lot of research and realized that the dropship model was going to be they way I would be able to make a living online.

Which is what lead me to looking into researching how to buy dropship websites among many other types of websites. And just because I buy dropship websites and have become quite successful in doing so, does not mean that you should follow my exact path step by step and only buy dropship websites.

Instead I urge you to stick to what you know. I only started buying dropship websites because that is what I knew, I liked them and could understand how they worked. If I had of known more about a different type of online business model when I first started investing, Say for example an Adsense Advertising website, I would of purchased one of those.

So when you are looking at websites to buy, pick a certain type of online business model that you know more about. Or if you don’t know much about any online business models for that matter, pick one and learn more about just that one type of online business model. Choose to invest your time in learning about how that type of business works, how they make money and what is required to maintain such a business before you even decide put your money where your mouth is.

There is nothing worse than investing in something you have no idea about, how it runs, what you need to do to maintain it and actually keep it running at it’s current earnings. Which means to buy a dropship website may not be best for you, but I am sure if you really wanted to learn a way to make money online like I did way back when.

You will learn at least one or a handful of different types of online business models from lead generation websites, to affiliate marketing websites, advertising websites and possibly even dropship websites if you like how I have briefly described them.

So I urge you to study up and learn what may be the best online business model for you. Or if you already invest in websites, which types of websites do you like to buy and why? Please leave a comment below where we can all learn from each other.

Remember the more you learn, the more you earn!

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