The Portfolio Episode 03 – Why It’s Critical to Understand Seller Intent

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Our niche made under $50 USD to date. 

That’s almost $50 USD more than where we were some 30 days ago. 

In this third episode of The Portfolio, we go over updates on the niche we’re working on, practices we applied that made a difference, and the significance of pooling your choices well, when building a portfolio through due diligence. 

Get ready to join me and my co-host Charley, as we also share small but proven strategies that could help you ramp up your niche goals.

You don’t want to miss this, so tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Rounding up the niche’s 5-week stats [02:27]
  2. Why is it necessary to update your older posts regularly? [5:14]
  3. Due diligence and the new business we’re bringing into our portfolio [06:35]
  4. The role of content strategy in measuring our site’s growth paths [10:42]
  5. Taking due diligence one step and one site at a time [14:00]
  6. How we deal with our biases to avoid bad investments [17:24]
  7. Why having options makes it okay to walk away from a seller [21:37]
  8. The multiple layers and levels to a seller’s intent in selling a site [24:20]
  9. Recognizing an authentic sale and why it matters [27:24]


About The Co-Host:

Charley Valher is the Chief Podcast Officer of Valher Media, a company that helps business owners scale their businesses and get more profit through podcasting. He is also the host of The Business of Podcasting, a podcast that aims to give podcasters the nitty-gritty of podcasting.

You can connect with Charley via Facebook and YouTube.

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