EP 94 – Why Masterminds Are a Game-Changer for Business Owners

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Are you thinking about buying a website business but are too afraid to risk it during a pandemic?

In this episode, Gary, a website business owner in the sports niche and a member of our Inner Circle Mastermind, joins us to share how he has weathered the global crisis. Gary will fill us in on the growth his business has seen since the start of 2020 while we learn why having a great support system makes your website business journey so much easier and exciting!

You have more than enough reasons to push forward. Tune in to this episode to find out!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Gary’s journey in the BOB community [02:57]
  2. His goal in buying his website business [03:26]
  3. Choosing the sports niche as a first website investment [04:42]
  4. The results and how he felt about them after working with Jaryd [05:08]
  5. The essence of knowing what not to do [08:13]
  6. What it’s like being part of the Inner Circle Mastermind [09:26]
  7. The Things that Gary learned the most [12:23]
  8. Best lessons of one-on-one strategy sessions [14:43]
  9. Being in a good position with a sports niche amid the pandemic [16:24]
  10. What he is most excited about in his business [17:37]
  11. Gary’s advice to people on the fence about joining a mastermind [18:40]

About the Host:

After joining the Inner Circle Mastermind last May 2019, Gary finally decided to buy his first website in the sports niche last January 1st, 2020. Since then, his cost per conversion has dropped by $10 and has been growing well amidst COVID.

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