You Have A 90% Chance Of Failing – What To Do About It!

You Have A 90% Chance Of Failing – What To Do About It!

I don’t like it at all. In fact it pisses me off! The fact that people are selling you to go and start your own business because it’s quick, cheap and easy to do these day simply because you can do it all online is a total load of bull sh*t! Yep two words for this bull sh*t.

What is insane about this is sure, it’s far cheaper to start an online business than a bricks and mortar business. But that doesn’t take into consideration the amount you need to put into the business to better it’s success. For example having a to pay for a professionally designed website, optimizing it, building your brand, presence, authority and putting cash into marketing.

All these things need to be done for a start up to be successful and doing this is far from quick like we are all told. It realistically is far from easy. Reason being is because you need professional help if you are serious about getting some serious return.

On top of that after supposedly building a ‘cheap’, ‘quick’ and ‘easy’ start up without even considering the time you have put into it. You are still stacked against the odds. The outrageously unfavorable odds that statistically show us 90% of ALL start ups fail.

And I am not here to poop on someone’s parade. If you have a great idea and believe in it and are ready to sign yourself up for some serious work and unchartered waters not knowing if it will sink or swim. Go for it!

Don’t give up on building your dream business, if it’s an idea you have dreamed about putting out there and you know it’s going to work, do it. The REAL reason I am telling you all this though, is not to burst your bubble and tell you that it’s mission impossible. I am sharing this with you because for those of us who are turning to the Internet to ONLY make money and think that building a business to achieve this is the way. I am here to tell you that you are going about it all wrong.

How do I know this?

Because I went about it all wrong too.

And I failed. I failed hard, but I love that I did because I never would have gotten to where I am today. You see I turned to the Internet to make money online too. I just wanted a way out of the rat race and I got sold into starting my own online businesses to make money online.

It wasn’t long though until I had failed many times when I decided I needed to look for a proven way to make money online. Which essentially was to simply go and buy an online business that has a proven track record of making money every single month. Yep these online businesses actually exist! Once I found one I bought it.

I then bought another and worked out this amazing way to buy passive income streams and start living the life I had always fantasized about. I by all means am not sharing this with you to brag, if anything I still have a lot of learning to go.

I simply share this with you because I don’t want you to buy into the hype of starting your own online business if it is just to make money. Especially when there is an easier way where you can go and buy yourself a proven passive income stream.

As always the choice is yours, however the more you enlighten yourself on the possibilities around you the better the choices are that you have to make.

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